As Canada braces for a ‘massive’ surge in vaccines, Moderna to deliver an additional 1 million doses in May

Major-General. Army Commander Danny Fordin, who leads vaccination logistics at Canada’s Public Health Institute, said today that in the week of May 10, Moderna will deliver one million more vaccines.

Supplies from the Massachusetts-based biotechnology company have been inconsistent for several weeks as it has been caught up with supply chain issues, including delays related to the “quality assurance” process at plants across Europe.

Fordin said it is working with the federal agency to “better streamline its distribution process” to move provinces and territories forward with greater determination.

Moderna delivered the 650,000 dose yesterday – half of the 1.3 million shots initially expected, with some provinces blaming canceled appointments.

Ford has signaled that the era of random deliveries is coming to an end as two of Canada’s largest suppliers, Pfizer and Modern, are finding their foothold.

On Thursday, April 8, 2021, people are waiting in line at a Govt-19 vaccination clinic to receive the Astrogenega vaccine at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Over the next two weeks the province will expand eligibility to all adults. (Paul Sison / The Canadian Press)

Despite past cuts, Fordin said the federal government now expects the Moderna to come “as close as possible” to the $ 12.3 million it initially promised to deliver for the April-June period.

With Pfizer delivering two million shots a week starting in May and 2.5 million shots a week in June, vaccine supply will increase dramatically in the coming months – a wave of vaccine stocks that are badly needed as the country struggles to push back a third of the penalty.

Canada now expects to produce 24.2 million doses of Pfizer in the second quarter of this year alone.

The number of shots to be delivered in the next five weeks will be equal to the total number of shots received in the last five months. The increase in supply allows provinces to open vaccine eligibility.

Ontario and Quebec Announced Thursday All people over the age of 18 can book appointments by May 24 – much earlier than originally planned, thanks in large part to Pfizer boosting its deliveries.

The federal government expects Canada to deliver 48 to 50 million shots a day, enough to vaccinate each adult with at least one shot and administer millions of second dose.

“The vaccine has increased tremendously over the next few weeks,” Fordin said. “The provinces have been planning a significant increase since June, and now it has accelerated.”

Ford confirmed that a 300,000 dose of one-shot Johnson & Johnson product arrived Wednesday.

Fordin said the federal government will begin distributing those footage to the provinces early next week, as it takes two days for the product to freeze. They are to be distributed to the provinces on an individual basis.

Dr. Howard Enjo, Canada’s Deputy Chief Public Health Officer, said when the immunization campaign began slowly in the first three months of 2021, “We now have millions and millions of drugs, and a new vaccine is coming. This is nothing but good news.”

“Provinces and territories are equally delighted to hear this good news. I can now encourage my own children to be vaccinated.”

Naju said 36 percent of all adults in Canada have received at least one dose and are in high numbers among the elderly and people living in the area.

‘The very beginning to celebrate’

He said there has been a dramatic decline in COVID-related hospital deaths and deaths among those aged 80 and over to see how effective vaccines are in the fight against the corona virus novel. The number of COVID-19 cases among people over the age of 80 has dropped from 35 per 100,000 cases in January to five now, according to federal data.

Naju called on the people to continue following public health guidelines and to avoid direct contact until more people are fully vaccinated, while vaccination rates increase in the coming weeks.

Ford said he was “very proud of the adventure we are undertaking” and that thousands of people behind the scenes have worked hard to provide vaccinations to Canadians.

“It’s just the beginning to celebrate. There’s still a lot of work to be done,” he said.

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