As EPA eliminates climate-damaging commercial refrigerators, supermarkets may need to modify their entire refrigeration systems.

But HFCs, as an alternative to CFCs and HCFCs, have their own drawbacks. Possibility of global warming (GWP) is thousands of times more than carbon dioxide. The Montreal Protocol was amended in 2016 with an amendment to reduce CFCs by about 80 percent by 2045. Although the United States has not yet approved the Kigali amendment, President Biden has announced his intention to do so. The rule proposed this week from the EPA sets the United States to achieve that goal.

Although HFCs are used in a variety of applications such as air conditioners, supermarkets are one of the worst culprits when these gases leak into the atmosphere. McLinton explained that air conditioners should generally be distributed around a store — milk cases, freezer aisles, etc. — which adds many opportunities for miles of piping, lots of joints and leaks to form.

As announced by The Counter in 2019, Southeast Grocery Inc. (Vin Dixie, the parent company of Iru-Low and several supermarket chains) slapped the $ 4.2 million bill as part of a deal with the judiciary and the EPA. Address continuous cooling leaks. In that case, the air conditioners are ozone depleting.

The Nonprofit Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) believes this is a serious, industry-wide issue. EIA In 2019 he visited 45 food retailers in the Washington D.C. area, And using small leak detectors, detected a cooling leak in 60 percent of Walmart stores. General Pledges By carefully managing refrigeration leaks and upgrading to more efficient, low-leakage systems, 55 percent of all other companies visited reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Some supermarkets are already beginning to replace HFCs. As part of the EIA program, Climate friendly supermarkets, Non-profit Highlight Attempts by chains including Aldi US, Whole Foods, Target and Sprouts to HFC

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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