Asta shoppers have warned that the new supermarket system needs a ‘secret code’

Asta is trying a new distribution system when people are not at home.

But you need a secret code, the supermarket company has confirmed.

Asta is one of the so-called Big Six supermarket chains in the UK.

Its competitors include Tesco, Britain’s largest grocery retailer.

Asta also competes with Sainsbury, Little and Aldi and Morrison.

As part of its exciting new delivery service, outdoor insulated boxes accessible by passcode can store frozen food for up to four hours.

“When things start to reopen, boxes provide a convenient way for test customers to deliver their regular store when they are not at home,” said Simon Greig, Vice President, Online Grocery Home Shopping, Asta.

The company test includes two box sizes, which can hold four or six bags, to meet different household sizes.

Asta operates stores throughout Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands.

Morrisons, meanwhile, continued to grow sales in its supermarkets and through its wholesale business ultimately benefited the locking team.

Total sales, including fuel, increased 5.3% in the 14 weeks to May 9, including 113% growth in online sales.

However, employees said an increase in Govt-19 cases earlier this year would cost the supermarket $ 27 million.

Sophia Harrison

Part time worker

I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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