July 24, 2024

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Astro Bot will feature “over 150 iconic images” inspired by PlayStation

Astro Bot will feature “over 150 iconic images” inspired by PlayStation

Astro Bot will feature over 150 PlayStation-inspired images.

This is according to the game’s recently revealed store existingwhich states that we will be able to “rescue more than 150 famous VIP bots inspired by legendary characters from 30 years of PlayStation history.”

Astro Bot premiere.Watch on YouTube

The listing itself describes Astro Bot as a “full-scale standalone adventure that offers four times more worlds, 300 robots to rescue, and dozens of new powers and features to discover.” It also confirms that Astro Bot is a single-player-only experience and will only be available on PS5.

Interestingly, it also clarifies that Astro Bot does not include microtransactions, assuring players that there are “plenty of coins” to collect and spend in the Gatcha Lab.

Sony announced the new Astro Bot game during the PlayStation State of Play event this week. Simply called Astro Bot, it has once again been developed by Sony’s Team Asobi, and will launch on PlayStation 5 on September 6th. It’s Astro’s first starring role since the 2020 launch of Astro’s Playroom on PS5.

“[The] “The announcement of Astro Bot was very bittersweet for me,” Eurogamer’s Ian wrote in his excellent feature, “It’s hard to stay excited for a PlayStation VR2 even if Astro Bot doesn’t wear one.

“Like everyone, I’m excited about the new Astro Bot game, it’s fun, heartwarming and uplifting – plus, this new game feels like a StarFox x Mario mash-up.” Couldn’t this be a contender for Game of the Year?!’ I thought, as I watched the reveal, but then, when the trailer passed the one-minute mark without showing footage of anything resembling a VR game, my heart began to sink and then completely broke in two. At the end of the trailer, big, bold words appeared saying “COMING TO PS5.” , so no PSVR2 support at all for a character who technically became big thanks to the Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR1?

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