December 1, 2023

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At the UN, the Malian prime minister accused France of “abandoning the entire plane”

Circule Maga regretted the lack of “consultation and concert”, the decision to gradually withdraw from Bargane, putting Mali “before a fight akleli”.

Malian Prime Minister Sogoul Gokalla Maga blamed France on Saturday.Dropping in the middle of the planeBy withdrawing the burgundy force. According to the head of the Malian government, a decision has taken its toll. “Before the fulfilled truth. ⁇The new situation (…) leads us to explore ways and means to ensure security independently with other partners.He argued from the platform of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The head of government justified this The latest approach of Russian security companies, Insisting on that “Fill in the blanks that will inevitably be created by closing down some burgundy rights in northern Mali“He was particularly upset.”Lack of advice“And notice”UnilateralWithout the tripartite coordination with the UN and the Malian government, in the withdrawal of Bargane.

In the context of the growing jihadist threat, “The French operation, Bargane, abruptly announced its withdrawal and is said to be transformed into an international alliance, all of which are not yet known.», He pointed out. And add: “Anyway, not from my country, not from our people“According to the Prime Minister, his country.”He regrets that consultation and concert policy should be the rule between privileged partners..

He called on the United Nations Minusma Peace Mission and its 15,000 peacekeepers.Very offensive pose on the pitch“He promised to be the last.”There is no anti-Minusma feeling in Mali, no more anti-French feeling.