Auckland supermarket aisle goes into flames for fear it might have been part of a dictoc challenge

The ridiculous new Dictok Cross starts an island after ‘youth’ set up chip pockets in a supermarket – when police open a fire investigation

  • A fire broke out in a chip aisle at an Auckland supermarket on Thursday night
  • About 60 firefighters were called to the store
  • Employees believe it may be related to the Dictoc naughty who set fire to chip pockets

A New Zealand supermarket’s chip has risen in flames – employees suspect it caught fire as part of the Dictok challenge.

A team of 60 firefighters was called to the Countdown Supermarket in Henderson, Auckland, when the blaze broke out just before 8.30pm on Thursday night.

Police have confirmed that the incident is believed to have caught fire NZ Herald They were aware of a social media frenzy where young people set fire to chip pockets.

It is not yet clear how the fire started, but a youth group is believed to be involved.

A fire broke out in the chip aisle of the Countdown supermarket in Henderson, Auckland on Thursday night.

The supermarket was closed Thursday as police and fire investigators continued to work at the scene.

Shocking scenes show three-meter-high flames screaming towards the ceiling, and the aisle is now left in black and covered in debris.

Shopkeepers and staff were evacuated Thursday night as smoke began to billow across the mall.

The store announced on Facebook on Friday morning that no employees had been injured in the fire.

The store was closed Friday while police and firefighters were investigating. No one was injured during the incident

The store was closed Friday while police and firefighters were investigating. No one was injured during the incident

“Following the fire last night, our Henderson store was closed to assess the extent of the damage,” the supermarket said.

‘Our store team is all safe and we give them the support they need. We make sure that any meal is donated by our local food recovery partner to a reasonable meal. ‘

The rest of the shopping center has since reopened.

A Countdown spokesman said the Daily Mail was working with authorities to determine the cause of the fire in Australia.

“We are working closely with police and fire emergency services to understand the cause of the fire at our Henderson store,” they said.

‘Although we cannot comment on the motives behind the event, we are disappointed that people in one of our shops may have deliberately started the fire.

‘Then the police opened a criminal investigation. We have provided them with CCTV footage from our store and will continue to support their investigations. ‘

A group of young people are said to have landed in a supermarket in the United States after trying the Dictok challenge.


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