BC for the loss of Kraft beer pioneer Frank Appleton.

Craftsmen in BC mourn the loss of a pioneer of industry in the province and country. Frank Appleton, who helped open Horseshoe Bay Liquor, and is proud to have helped launch two dozen liquor stores across the province.

Sean Hoin of Hoin Brewing, a friend and former coach of Appleton, said that Apple is a great friend to many in the specialty beer business.

“We all in the community have a lot to thank for Frank,” he told All Points West host Katherine Marlowe.

“He’s a wonderful guy, he’s a remarkable man, he had a great intellect, he’s greatly missed.”

Frank Appleton, left and Sean Hoin, right, both have made a huge impact on the craft beer scene in British Columbia. (Submitted by Sean Hoyn)

Appleton came to Canada from the United Kingdom in the late 60s, working at Carling O’Keefe, one of the three largest distilleries in Canada at the time, doing quality control.

“At the time, he was increasingly frustrated with the exit of large breweries,” Hoin said.

Eventually he quit that job and moved west to Edgewood in the western Coalition region of BC.

There he began writing newspaper articles, one of which caught the attention of a horse shoe bay entrepreneur named John Mitchell. Mitchell contacted Appleton after reading an excerpt from Horosmith magazine about making beer in small volumes.

“[It was about] How can a beer be made with color and character and taste, a pear that disappeared in the Canadian landscape at the time and a pear that he missed since growing up in the UK, ”Hoin said.

Appleton was proud of his beer and insisted on using the best ingredients, Hoin says. (Submitted by Sean Hoyn)

The couple opened Horseshoe Bay Liquor in 1982. Two years later, they helped open the Spinners Brew Pub in Victoria.

“Before you know it, Frank’s phone started ringing and he was commissioned to start micro breweries,” Hoin said. Liquor that helped him get started include Oregon’s Destroys Liquor and Swans Pub in Victoria.

It was there that Hoin received his training with Appleton.

“Under Frank, I learned a lot from him and I am so grateful to know Frank and spent that time with him during those days,” he said.

Appleton’s influence in Hoin has deceived liquor manufacturers across the province. The knowledge Hoin took as a coach, he continues to pass on to the next generation of liquor manufacturers today.

“He insisted on brewing in unison, which has kept my entire brewing life with me,” Hoin said.

“He insisted that you get the best products you can, that you adhere to the principles of sound and scientific brewing, and that brewing is hard work, and you should enjoy that hard work.”

To listen to Sean Hoin’s interview at All Points West, click here:

All points are west6:04BC Kraft beer is reminiscent of pioneer Frank Appleton

Frank helped open two dozen Kraft beer distilleries in the province of Appleton. Sean Hoin, founder of Hoin Brewing, spoke with Katherine Marlowe about Appleton’s role in building the province’s growing beer industry. 6:04

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