BC Modeling shows that 3,000 COVID-19 cases per day are possible, inevitable: Henry

VICTORIA (News 1130) – Govt-19 hospitals and lawsuits are at an all-time high, and the province’s latest model shows that things could get worse in the short term if British Columbians are not bound by public health orders. Time.

Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix presented the data on Thursday.

But Henry insists this is not inevitable.

“The models make us realize what the most important parameters going forward are, this is not a prediction. It is not a prediction that we are going to face 3,000 cases next week,” he says.

Currently, Henry says, the province accounts for 60 percent of pre-epidemic activity. To bend the curve back down, we need to get 40 percent.

“We have to go down 40 per cent or less. We have done it consistently. We were able to do it last March. We did it when we imposed restrictions again in November,” he said.

No new restrictions were announced on Thursday, and instead Henry stressed the importance of adhering to those already in place.

“Without you or them knowing it, someone in your community in your affiliation would not be aware of COVID, and it could be contagious. The more people you see, the more likely that is. Now, we have a lot of exchanges in the communities in the province, ”he said.

He reiterated his plea that people should avoid travel, associate only with those in immediate homes, wear masks and observe physical distance.

“We all need to make sure we are taking those steps to keep our families and our communities safe,” he said.

“Even if we can see people outside our home, we should not see them now. If we do, it should be the same little people. We know there is less risk outside – it’s not zero – it’s less risk. , Keep your distance. If you’ve going to be in close contact, wear masks even when it’s outside. If we each have less contact with those around us, we will all see that benefit. ”

The prevalence of more contagious variants is another cause for concern. More than 60 percent of BC cases are now variants – half of which are highly contagious B1 variants – and almost all P1 cases are in Metro Vancouver.

“Variations are very pervasive, but the things that stop the exchange are the same,” Henry said.

“There is no margin for error now.”


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