Bees hive in the Buick century of man while inside the supermarket

A New Mexico man was surprised to find that more than 15,000 bees had gathered inside his Buick century after opening a window while inside a nearby supermarket.

According to The New York Times, The man left his window down when he walked into the Albertson supermarket in Las Cruz, New Mexico last Sunday afternoon. Then he got back in his car and started driving down the road, realizing that a swarm of about 15,000 bees had entered his vehicle while he was shopping. Not knowing what to do, the confused Buick Century driver called 9-1-1 and decided to report the incident.

Via the Las Cruces Fire Department

Jesse Johnson, a volunteer firefighter who was an entertaining beekeeper, responded to the call, believing that the bees could be removed from the vehicle without harming them. He then began to place the bees in empty hive boxes, to impress them with the smell of lemon oil, and drove them to his property before loading the hive boxes into his truck. Johnson said The New York Times He already has four bees in his house and will coordinate this swarm of bees in his existing colonies.

Via the Las Cruces Fire Department

Why did 15,000 bees suddenly enter this man’s vehicle? Johnson said the grape bees would follow a queen from one hive to another, and the swarm decided to use the man’s car as a temporary shelter. The bees are apparently “pretty soft” when they gather when they are in the process of finding a new home, so the Buick owner is not at high risk of stumbling or attacking. Surprisingly, Johnson made sure he kept his distance when he replaced them.

None of the bees or humans were harmed in the incident, Johnson said – although one of his colleagues was stabbed in the lip.

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