June 7, 2023

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Between the calm on the front and the fear of “catastrophe”, Russia is waiting for the Ukrainian counterattack – liberation

War in Ukraine

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War between Ukraine and Russiacase

A spectacular incursion by anti-Putin militias into the Belgorod region this week has reignited debate about the weaknesses of Russian security. An ambient excitement inspired by Wagner’s mercenary leader.

What a panic when a light armored vehicle was stolen around a twenty-four-hour occupation of a few villages… This week, the incursion of a hundred Russian anti-Putin fighters into the Belgorod border area sparked media and media coverage. Russian social networks, a storm out of proportion to the actual scale of activity. From the first news indicating that the attackers had crossed the border, the networks were filled with alarming and conflicting messages. The enemy had already entered Belgorod, some wrote. He wears Russian police uniforms, said a message shared in regional Telegram groups, calling on anyone wearing a police uniform to be shot on sight.

Official press releases, first say “Ukrainian saboteurs” fell into a trap, and then they were all removed, though the fighting continued, and more or less excruciating taunts provoked the deluge. “We spent ten billion rubles to strengthen the border of the Belgorod regionGray Zone Telegram channel was added on Monday

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