Blues on Mars is in the stunning NASA image of sand dunes on the red planet

This false color Mars Odyssey image shows cool temperatures in blue.

NASA / JBL-Caltech / ASU

Mars is called the red planet because of its distinctive rusty color. But the red planet looks beautiful in blue Mars Odyssey spacecraft image released by NASA It shows a beautiful landscape of sand dunes.

The dunes are at the North Pole cap of Mars, and the image released last week stretches 19 miles (30 kilometers) wide. The blue and yellow colors emerge from the image, which NASA titled “Blue Toons on the Red Planet.”

Not that Mars is holding its breath. The image is blue, so scientists can see conditions on the surface of Mars. “In this false color image, areas with cooler temperatures are recorded in blue, while warmer features are depicted in yellow and orange.” NASA said in a statement. The golden dunes were absorbing heat from the sun.

The film is a combination of scenes from Mars Odyssey 2002 to 2004. NASA recently released it 20th anniversary of the spacecraft. NASA calls it “the longest operating planet in history.”

Mars like Perseverance and Curiosity are certainly fascinating, but orbiting spacecraft like Mars Odyssey has been the hard work of imaging, mapping and exploring the red planet for years. The orbit helped scientists find water ice on the Red Planet and has recently been closely monitoring the moons of Mars.

Arthur c. Odyssey derives its name from Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is the epic name that has long been appropriate for the spacecraft.

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