British supermarket opens court case over cupcake caterpillar cake

British supermarket Marks & Spencer has taken an intellectual property claim against fellow supermarket ALDI, which they allege is very similar to their own iconic Colin the caterpillar cake, Cuthbert.

Colin the Caterpillar (pictured above) has been a staple of birthday celebrations across the UK since the 1990s, when the chocolate roll cake was introduced into the bedroom with more chocolates and a white caterpillar face.

Earlier discussions about Colin were defined as the most desired piece on the face or back of the cake.

But now, M&S has claimed that Aldie’s Cuthbert cake – which is about AU $ 1.79 (or £ 2) cheaper than Cole – is an attempt to “ride on the coat-tails” of M&S’s reputation.

ALDI, however, is not the only supporter of the caterpillar cake. Many British supermarkets have insect-inspired treats, including Tesco’s Curly the Caterpillar, Waitros’ Cecil the Caterpillar, Asta’s Clyde the Caterpillar and Sainsbury’s Wickles the Caterpillar.

M&S Connie delivers the caterpillar, which is packed with pink sprayers and a chocolate hair bow.

The ALDI social media team has taken to Twitter to popularize the hashtag #FreeCuthbert.

At the Irish branch of supermarket LIDL, there is no caterpillar cake yet, which has also joined the social media campaign.

The case has prompted many individuals and journalists to launch their own investigation into what caused the abundance of caterpillar cakes.

Publications such as The Telegraph, Evening standard And Plymouth Herald Have conducted their own experiment.

The outcome of the court case has not yet been determined as the caterpillar war continues.

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