June 3, 2023

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Bungie wins $12 million in Destiny 2 anti-cheat lawsuit

As Bungie continues its war against Destiny 2 cheaters, the studio has won $12 million in the lawsuit against Romanian cheating seller Mihai Claudio-Florentine that started again in 2021.

Claudiu-Florentin sold cheat software at VeteranCheats, which allowed users to outsmart other players with software that could do things like modify their aim and allow them to see through walls. Naturally, Bungie argued that the software was harmful to Destiny 2Competitive and cooperative patterns, and the case against the seller is won. The lawsuit alleges “copyright infringement, violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), breach of contract, willful interference with contractual relations, and violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.” (Thanks, the game).

You can read a full PDF of the lawsuit, courtesy of TheGamePost, here. here, but the crux of the matter is that Bungie is seeking $12,059,912.98 in total damages, with $11,696,000 going towards DMCA violations, $146,662.28 for copyright law violations, and 217, $250.70 for studio attorney account. after the call tapea payment processing service, Bungie is aware of at least 5,848 separate transactions made through the involved service Destiny 2 Cheat program from November 2020 to July 2022.

While Bungie may have an additional $12 million out of this, VeteranCheats website It is still standing and offering cheat programs for games like Overwatch And Call of duty. althoug, Saucepan It no longer appears on the home page of the site or if you Search within her community.

According to the lawsuit, Bungie paid nearly $2 million in its efforts to combat employee and software fraud. This also extended to a blanket ban on cheating devices in both competitive mode and PvE earlier this month.

while Destiny 2 On legal issues, the shooter has also been caught up in some other controversies recently thanks to A.J Big leak It led to a major content creator being banned in the game’s community.