Can Canadians catch fighting jets?

It will be busy enough to get on the NHL schedule on Saturday, with 15 games. Since every team in the NHL (except Vancouver) has eight or fewer seasons in their regular seasons, every game is now like a playoff game for those who do not have an “X” near their name, or jogging for the position and, perhaps, a better round 1 fit.

To help you get the full picture of what can be done this weekend and which games have the most meaning in particular, here is our latest look at the playoff image.

Northern Division

If the season ends today …

(1) X-Toronto vs. (4) Montreal
(2) Edmonton vs. (3) Winnipeg

What will the playoff race look like …

Are we going to get leaf-hubs or not?

The talking point at the bottom of the playoff film changes again, but now it’s all about what’s going on Inside It.

Two weeks ago, we wondered if there was still a shot at the flames sticking with hope. They had a lot of grounds to build on, but there were also five inverted games against the team they were chasing, Montreal. Well, even though Calgary went 3-2 in those games, it was not enough, they scored six points in seven games and the rest of the way is now impossible.

Any combination of the eight points that Montreal received or lost by the flames in this remaining extension will mathematically remove the coal.

Instead, Canadians are now looking up.

As the Winnipeg Jets slide into a three-game losing streak, the Canadians are third in their view. The two met on Friday, 5-3 Canadians won, bringing the Mets to Montreal within four points of the Jets. Winnipeg is disabled until Monday, but Canadians get Ottawa home Saturday night. Montreal are 3-3-2 against Ottawa this season, so it’s not going to be an easy game, especially in the second half when Ketan Primao starts.

After Saturday night, the Hubs will finish three games against Toronto, two games against Edmonton and one game against Ottawa over the next week and a half. Winnipeg gets two against Ottawa, two against Vancouver and one each against Calgary and Toronto. We ‘ve been watching our first Leaf-Hubs playoff series since 1979, but now we can get another level shift.

Other important games to come …

Can Cancks actually have better playoff odds than Calgary, even though they are technically at the bottom of the table right now. But the expected effects of fatigue are fading as they see the slide of losing three games this week. Coming back to the short path of the Conox is a matter of finishing the Montreal cooling and how they work against the oils. Vancouver will play four times next week. But first Saturday night Maple leaves, a team has already won and is using the opportunity to relax for some players.

Central Division

If the season ends today …

(1) X-Carolina Versus (4) Nashville
(2) X-Vs Florida (3) X-Tampa Bay

What will the playoff race look like …

Why Saturday brings Dallas the biggest game of the season

The Dallas stars who lurked in the weeds on hand all season now have a similar schedule for everyone around them. They only have one game in Nashville, and they play chase on Saturday night.

This is the last time Dallas will go head-to-head against the Freds, who are 3-0-4 this season. Two of those wins came in the first two games of the season, in fact, it bit the nail of a series.

As you can tell by the record, a lot of extra time was played between these two. Four of their last five meetings have gone to overtime or shooting. Five of the seven games they have played each season have been decided by one goal.

As a result of Saturday’s game, the playoff race is likely to be played in both directions. If the stars fail in order, they will be left with six “tragic numbers”, meaning that any combination of the six points Nashville won or lost by Dallas will end the stars. A star win in the order, tying both of them to points, would be a game in hand for Dallas.

The Stars will not be playing another game at home and will spend the next two weeks on the road against Florida, Tampa and Chicago. Nashville will travel to Columbus for two games this week against the unlisted Blue Jackets and then wrap up at home against first-seeded Carolina.

Other important games to come …

Whether Ash Nashville or Dallas (whoever finishes fourth) hits the playoffs on a high note, it will be the first round series instead of playing in Tampa or Florida. With eight recent games against Florida, Tampa, Dallas and Nashville set 5-0-3, Carolina topped themselves (thus avoiding both in Round 1). They have not lost control since April 12 against Detroit.

But there is still work to be done. Cannes face Columbus on Saturday (1-7-2 in the last 10), Florida and Tampa will face Dallas and then have to extend each other, with Cannes getting three home games against Chicago (4-5- past 1) this week. That’s where they can get away and get first place.

• Tampa has a great shot to catch Cannes, but there is not much room for error, so the games they have against Detroit this weekend will set the tone for next week. Lightning will then have two games against Dallas this week, which will be very important in determining the last playoff spot in the division and will also affect the top of the table.

Eastern Division

If the season ends today …

(1) X-Washington vs. (4) Boston
(2) X-Penguins vs. (3) NY Islanders

What will the playoff race look like …

Can the islanders break their fall and bury rival rangers?

For most of the season, NY Islanders were adamant in their rival’s conversation. “Defense won the championship”, which is their biggest strength so they are still there. However, you want to go to the playoffs on a high note, and the islanders have been going in the opposite direction for some time.

With the loss of Captain Anders Lee due to injury this season, the Islanders are 27th on a 5-for-5 course, 21st on 5-for-5 shots per cent and 21st offense. In the last two weeks they have given up three in a row to Washington and two to Boston.

At the same time, they managed a very low 2.33 GAA on this extension, the third best mark in the league. They have handled two wins against the Rangers over the past year and a half by 10-1 points and have regained them on Saturday night.

Another win and, perhaps, the rest of the way the islanders face a relatively smooth table will help them gain some momentum. The Islanders will face Buffalo and New Jersey this week, with a shot to the top of the category or at least a round 1 home-snow advantage (whatever this season).

An islanders’ victory puts an end to the Rangers, who have hung on to the playoffs with a bold attempt, but have been hit by a hot streak following Boston’s deadline. The Rangers were 10-4-2 in April, but still have six points in the playoffs. A regulatory loss would leave the Rangers with a “sad number” along with the Bruins regulatory victory against the buffalo on Saturday.

Other important games to come …

ிக்கிழமை Saturday Pittsburgh-Washington has key implications for topping the sports division. This is the last time the two will meet in the regular season, following Pittsburgh’s 5-4 OT win on Thursday. On Saturday, Benz wraps up two games each against Philadelphia and the Buffaloes this week, while the Caps get the Rangers (2), the Flyers (2) and the Bruins (1) into the final five. Washington has that game, so the Penguins can’t surrender any points. Alex Owen, who missed Thursday’s game and has not played since April 22, returned to training on Friday.

Western Division

If the season ends today …

(1) X-Vegas vs. (4) St. Louis
(2) X-Against Colorado. (3) X-Minnesota

What will the playoff race look like …

Is the blues peaking at the right time?

The Blues are 7-3-0 in the last 10, and have created a lot of space between themselves and Arizona Coyote for that fourth place. They have only three points, but three games are on hand. The bet is not officially over, but you can start thinking about how the Blues will fit in round 1 against Vegas or Colorado.

You want to hit the playoffs on a higher note (Blues finally said they won the trophy), but will this hot run be the result of some very advanced game? Nine of those 10 games came against Vegas, Colorado and Minnesota, and one against Arizona. No soft touch. But what do the numbers say?

In the last 10, the Blues are 20th in the percentage of 5-to-5 shots and 29th in the expected targets for the percentage, but in that situation their opponents were beaten by six. Team shooting percentage is 10.09 (third best) and savings percentage is 931 (ninth best). Both are above where they rank in those figures for the season.

Jordan Finnington has his best month, in fact, if he takes it into the postseason, he will be X-factor, which will help overcome some of the basic numbers of blues. The Blues have not recovered some of the spells they suddenly lost, but have found ways to win against their best opponents, and the post-sample size (maximum seven games) will be smaller for each season this year.

Other important games to come …

Oy coyotes more or less have to run the table. As they were in control of the race at the trade deadline, Arizona lost 3-6-0 and two games dropped to San Jose this week destroyed their hopes. Coyote got an Adin Hill shutdown against Vegas on Friday, and facing the Golden Knights again on Saturday, Darcy Kuember could be in the net. They get two against Los Angeles to wrap up their regular season next weekend and two more on the road in San Jose. The rest of the way it is possible to do exactly that, but ask louder, taller. It does not even guarantee anything.

The Aws embraced a three-game losing streak on Friday after Film Philip Grooper returned to the net with gratitude and immediately released a block. But if they’re going to come back to Vegas and get to the top of the division, God Dubnick will have to do more at the end. He is a Saturday opener against his former San Jose Sharks team, but has a .887 savings percentage from trading. Next week is the back for the AVS against the Kings, and then a week after the regular season is over, so Dubnick still has some planned starts. If he does not improve, AVS will not only lose the first seeds, but they may come behind the forest in the third.

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