Casol adds that the Raptors get hurt with inspired performance

The so-called Los Angeles Lakers did not match the team that was supposed to be the Toronto Raptors in a game they played in Tampa on Tuesday night – the Raptors’ home court – on Tuesday night.

Current champions Lockers were without superstars Anthony Davis (calf) and LeBron James (ankle) as they tried to prevent them from slipping to the bottom of the playoffs at the highly competitive Western conference.

The raptors were absent from one-third of their line, including Fred Vanweed (hip); Kyle Lori (foot needle); Paul Watson (Health and Safety Ethics); Patrick McCaw (knee) and Jalan Harris (hip pointer) and 11th are trying to get back into the Eastern Conference playoffs.

OG anesthesia did not help when expelled.

Tonight, the Lakers won the depth and Los Angeles mostly won in one direction, but ended up 110-101. The result was never questionable, however – for their arrival – the Raptors continued to struggle, reducing the lead to 12 seconds to nine thanks in the fourth quarter.

But overall, the shorthand raptors had fewer bright spots. Rookie Malachi Flynn, while soaking up minutes with fellow point guards Lori and VanVleed, could not do the magic three times in a row as he landed in two excellent games, although he finished with a respectable 11 points, eight rebounds and four assists in 33 minutes. Pascal Siagam, who played well late, was just 21 out of 7 off the ground, although the season-high 13 free throws helped him to Raptors-lead 27.

The Lakers had seven players and 49 bench points in the double figures. The Raptors played most of the games with a total of eight players.

Former rapper Mark Casol set the tone with a season-high of 13 points, nine rebounds and five assists in his best game of the season in LA.

Toronto beat Golden State by 53 points on Friday and the loss was followed by a two-match winning streak for the Raptors after Toronto recorded a claim by beating them on Monday.

Toronto are down 20-31 on the season and 1-10 on the second night and are two games behind the 10th-placed Chicago Bulls – who will host Thursday night – to the play’s final – in the tournament.

This is the Raptors lighthouse:

“Listen, I’m still confident,” Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said after the game. “I think we need to get some of our bodies back. We don’t see a good portion of our lineup and score and experience, but … we have to go out with what we’ve got, I’m glad these guys are playing, we’ll continue to fight for any victory we have. Somehow we can, and then see if we can be in controversy.

“There are more than 20 games to go, and a lot more to play basketball.”

The Lakers’ goals are different: James and Davis return to the playoffs and try to float until they are healthy so they can engage in the business of defending the championship.

The win improved Los Angeles 4-4 since James left the team, and 11-12 since Davis was injured. They are in 5th place and could easily go down to the play-offs (for teams finishing seventh to 10th) depending on when James and Davis return.

“If they can come back healthy, it will benefit us to go into the playoffs with this break in midfield due to injury,” said Lockers head coach Frank Vogel. “We have to win some games.”

A service for raptors. They trailed by double figures in the first quarter, dropping to 34 in the second quarter. With five minutes left in third place they reduced the Lakers lead to 19, but their fourth quarter rally was too short, too late.

Chris Pacher, who finished with 19 points and eight rebounds, said, “I think they jumped on us very quickly.” “They’re a good change team, so they run it back from our miss. They shot the ball so well. It really pushed us into a hole. Then we started to get a little more into their body, and then how did we get back, but it was too late to win the game? .

The Raptors are hopeful they can build some momentum after starting April with a pair of wins following March 1-13.

But with 22 games remaining, it’s hard to see how the Raptors could have done better by disappearing into a good night and taking their chances in the draft.

They don’t see it that way, but sometimes they play like that.

There were all sorts of action in the first quarter, most of which were indescribable – the former Raptor check scored nine points, caught six reps (including three in the attacking mirror) and added three assists as the Lakers advanced to a 40-28 lead.

It is difficult to know what triggered the explosion of the gasoline.

Before the game, the nurse was saying all the right things about the check that played a key role in the 2019 Raptors title run.

But he was a shadow of that player a season ago, and has made even less of an impact this season after signing a two-year deal worth $ 5 million to join a ring hunt with the Lockers and LeBron James.

But Kasol turned the clock around at least one night.

Is it because he played against his old team for the first time since the 36-year-old Toronto refused to guarantee a second year on a new contract after leaving the worst season of his career? Playoffs?

Or because the Lakers free-agent signed the big man Andre Drummond – who missed the game with an injured toe – and pushed the check aside after he promised to buy it from Cleveland and make him a starter?

In any case, Casol was the best against Toronto, starting the game with a rebound from the hands of a 100-pound pacer, then hitting three and then rolling through the alley – the whole set and one to take Toronto to a title in 2018-19. He is only occasionally shown since helping.

Those who went to war with him hope that he will make his presence felt on the Check Lakers in view of the NBA Finals.

“If you know Mark, he’s going to do his best out of the situation. I do not know what they do with the lockers or what they do, but I do not think Mark Casol is a great player, he’s someone you can not play with,” Pacher said. “He has something for you. I think he is going to bring, facilitate, he has a big body inside. For me, I don’t think that’s the situation [where he’s fighting for playing time], But I did not decide, did I? I’m not on his team, but I think Mark Casol is still at his age and he can bring a lot to that team. ”

But Kasol raises his game from the dead – a game he averages 4.9 points on 41 percent of shootings a year – which is not even the most unexpected thing.

With 2:24 remaining in the quarter, Anunobi – his six-foot-seven, over 230-pound – six-foot-two Lakers point guard was able to break fast with a dungeon when he was knocked down by Dennis Schroeder. It’s hard to prevent departure – there’s nothing irresponsible, but firm, professional misconduct.

Anunobi grabbed Schrder in an obvious attempt to stabilize his balance, but eventually wrapped his left hand around Schrder’s thigh, then wrapped his arm around his chin and gently slapped the body Lockers Point guard.

The Lakers forward who came to Schrder’s defense had a scrum along with Montreal Harrell and Anunobi was expelled.

Good luck to Anunobi in the end. He did not stick around.

The game continued to falter as the Lakers increased their defensive intensity in the second quarter and the Raptors moved the ball two steps ahead of the defense. They beat Toronto 28-14 because the Raptors were 21 for 4 from the ground and 7 for 0 short of three.

The Lockers used a 26-4 lead to open the 34-point lead, eventually taking a 68-42 lead into the locker room, where Anunobi waited for them, unable to help, not looking.

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