October 2, 2023

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Celtics' Ime Udoka faces suspension for 'inappropriate and consensual' relationship with an employee, reports say

Celtics’ Ime Udoka faces suspension for ‘inappropriate and consensual’ relationship with an employee, reports say

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Boston Celtics Coach Amy Odoka faces disciplinary action, which could include a massive suspension, for violating the team’s code of conduct after having an “improper, intimate and consensual relationship” with an employee, Shams Al-Sharaniyah from sports reports.

Odoka’s job isn’t believed to be in jeopardy, but suspension looms, and a final decision on that length could come as soon as Thursday, according to ESPN. Adrian Wojnarowski.

Training suspensions are extremely rare in the NBA. Washington Wizards Assistant Mike Batiste had a two-match ban last season for entering the stands, and Mike Budenholzer and Jason Kidd each received one-match bans for in-game behavior. A prolonged suspension of a coach, especially a coach imposed by the team, would be unprecedented.

Odoka took charge of coaching the Celtics last season as head coach for the first time, and despite his 23-24 start, he managed to rally the team to the 28-7 final and the final in the NBA Finals. The Celtics came up short, but were set to enter this season as the bookmaker’s favorite to win the championship.

With Udoka’s status unclear, that could easily change. This is the latest issue to hit Boston in what has become a tumultuous off-season. Star striker Jaylen Brown has publicly commented on the trade rumors involving himself and Brooklyn Networks Star Kevin Durant. Free agent who signed his AFC Champions League deals was torn apart by Danilo Galinari while playing for Italy. Poking center Robert Williams III is recovering from knee surgery and is expected to miss training camp.

Now, the Celtics may be without their coach for an important part of the season. If it’s already over, Boston’s road to a frequent trip to the Finals gets even more dangerous.

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