Check out Groger’s first Okado robotic warehouse

Groger Co. Launched its first Okado Automated Online Grocery Store in Monroe, Ohio this week, it is one of 20 projects planned in the United States with e-grocery expert based in the UK.

At approximately 375,000 square feet, the Monroe Customer Satisfaction Center (CFC) has thousands of popular grocery items and can fill thousands of delivery orders daily, Croger said. This facility will also help in executing pickup orders.

The launch of Monroe CFC comes 22 months after the launch of the Crocker with around 55 million facilities. When announcing the results for the 2020 fiscal year in early March, Groger announced the smooth introduction of the CFC.

“We continue to transform the company, which is a further evolution in that transformation,” Roger McMullen, chairman and CEO of Groger, told a virtual press conference on Wednesday’s Monroe CFC release. “Looking at the last few years, especially 2020, it’s been a pivotal year for the grocery e – commerce. We will further double the business, which really makes Grocer one of the leading e-commerce sites and companies in the United States. ”

By 2020, Groger will have more than doubled the number of e-commerce customers against 2019, McMullen added.

Using artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and automation, Monroe CFC Groger is designed to deliver more seamless and efficient filling, selection and delivery to online grocery orders. Inside, more than 1,000 bots with product and ready customer orders can be found in large 3D grids – known as “The Hive” – ​​managed by air traffic control systems. As delivery times approach, the bots retrieve the products from The Hive and bring them to the checkpoints, where the goods are lined up for delivery. To ensure that the products are packed intelligently, the algorithms control the selection and sorting process so that the above fragile items and bags weigh equally.

Next, the packed orders are loaded into a temperature-controlled Kroger delivery van, which can hold up to 20 orders. Machine learning methods weigh factors such as road conditions and fuel efficiency to improve delivery routes. Each CFC covers a distribution radius of up to 90 miles.

Shoppers place their orders through the or Groger mobile app. Crocker said customers in markets where a CFC is served will have their groceries delivered by an “intelligent” Groger delivery partner. The company plans to be an “industry-leading” customer service, ensuring the delivery person order refreshment and satisfaction, managing order changes and informing customers of loyal membership offers such as earned fuel points and digital coupon savings.

When they launched their consortium in May 2018, Groger and the Okado Group said they planned to open 20 CFCs in the United States over the next three years. So far, Groger has announced 10 CFCs. , Sizes 135,000 to 375,000 square feet. In addition to the Monroe facility, they also include locations in Crowland, Fla; Forest Park, Ka .; Dallas; Frederick, M.D .; Phoenix; Sweet Prairie, Wis .; And Romulus, Mich., And two sites not mentioned in the Pacific Northwest and West.

Depending on its size, the Okado CFC will have sales equivalent to about 20 stores, says Groger. At full capacity, annual sales per volume – Monroe CFC consists of seven modules – are estimated at $ 80 million to $ 100 million.

The Groger Delivery Network includes small amenities and talk areas that extend each CFC service beyond 90 miles. The Crowland facility is now under a soft start, and is expected to begin filling customer orders later this spring, indicating a new market area for Croger – Florida, where no stores are currently operating.

“We’re incredibly excited about Florida. When you look at the research, you’ll see that Groger has a different name recognition in different parts of the state. We have the utmost respect for our product, friendly service, our own brands and the freshness of those things, McMullen said during a press Q&A edition that a large number of people went from the Midwest in Florida.

“So we’re very excited about Florida, we’re so excited about the offer we got there. The CFC itself is ultimately designed to serve the state and really serve southern Georgia and southern Alabama,” he said. We are going to pay and then work our way out of it. But this is going to offer the customer something that is not on the market today. ”

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