China plans to draw a ‘dividing line’ on Mount Everest to control the spread of COVID-19

Chinese state media on Monday reported that China would build a “separation fortress” on Mount Everest to prevent the spread of the corona virus by mountaineers on Nepal’s side.

A team of Tibetan trekking guides will set up a dividing fort at the summit before climbers from the Chinese side attempt to reach the summit, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

It is not clear what the separation line will do. It said climbers from China to the north of the mountain would be barred from crossing the border or from contacting anyone in the south or any object or the Nepalese side.

The Nepalese government and mountaineering officials did not immediately comment on the dividing line.

Both countries suspended the world’s highest mountain climbing season last year due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Nepal has allowed 408 foreigners to board this year in an effort to boost tourism revenue.

China has allowed 38 people to climb Mount Everest this year. Xinhua said 21 Chinese climbers had been approved to try to reach the summit from the northern slope. A separate group of 17 climbers is also allowed to go north slope.

The expert says it is impossible to draw a division at the summit

While China is largely preventing the spread of the virus domestically, Nepal has been experiencing an increasing outbreak, with new epidemics and deaths being reported in recent days. Most major cities and towns are locked up and all domestic and international flights have landed.

Nepalese officials have refused to talk about the Everest eruption. A Norwegian climber told the Associated Press last month that he had created the Covit-19 and had left the country after a better understanding.

Ang Shering Sherpa, a mountaineering expert who has been in the mountaineering community for decades, said no dividing fort could be drawn at the Everest summit.

The only point that even climbers from both sides approach is the summit, which is a small space where they only spend a few minutes taking photos and enjoying 360-degree views.

The base camp of Mount Everest is located in May 2020. The Nepalese government and mountaineering officials did not immediately comment on the dividing line. (Purbu Jaxi / Xinhua / Associated Press)

Climbers will wear thick layers of clothing and gear, and their faces will be covered with oxygen masks, goggles and protection from freezing winds.

“The idea that anyone with the corona virus can reach the summit is impossible because climbers with any breathing difficulties cannot reach the heights,” he said.

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