Chris Martin responded to the supermarket manager who accused him of stealing

Chris Martin may be a big name in the music industry now, but the 1990s incident still stuck with him.

Singer Chris Martin opens at a supermarket about the time his ex-boss accused him of stealing from work on his first day.

Martin, the lead singer of Gold Play, may now be a big name in the music industry, but the incident in the 1990s stuck with him because his manager accused him of swiping $ 30 for his first day job at QuickSave.

In a chat BBC Radio 2, The Heaven Gruner said: “I worked at a supermarket called Quick Save in the late 1990s … I do not drink, smoke or do lottery, so they put me at the alcohol and cigarette counter, and they sell scratch cards, and that’s somewhat excluding me.”

“Only my manager will remember me from then on. He accused me of stealing on my first day,” he said.

“He dropped it to $ 30 and told me not to let it happen again – I did not dare do it, I did not steal it – I want to register,” he said.

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