Clear Complexion Mattifier for Oily Skin

Mattifiers are products used to make your makeup look better, and they work by reducing the shine and oil. As the name suggests, mattifiers are for making your makeup matte, and they give it a smooth look. But is it possible to apply a mattifier to oily skin? To answer this question, we need to go over some issues such as how mattifiers work.

How Mattifiers Work

First, we need to figure out how mattifiers work. They absorb the oil produced by the skin; hence, they won’t allow excess oil to ruin your makeup. Mattifiers are made of an absorbent called Talc. Talc is a powder-like substance that is similar to clay. But before we go any further, we need to know another substance to understand how mattifiers work. For oil skin

What is Sebum?

Sebum is a vital component for keeping your skin healthy. It’s an oily substance released by the sebaceous glands in your skin. Sebum is naturally produced by the skin for protective purposes. Its oil decreases the amount of water lost from your skin; therefore, it can keep your skin hydrated. Sebum also protects your skin against bacteria by trapping them in its oily texture, not allowing them to enter the skin.

But this vital substance can also cause some types of acne and oily skin. Oily skin can cause many challenges, but the good news is that there are ways to control it, like washing your face with warm water, removing the oil, and drying out the face using a towel. Remember that some of the oil will not be removed with just water, and you need a towel to remove them off the skin. You need to moisturize your skin regularly because dehydration is one of the reasons that lead to excessive sebum production, and it is produced to protect the water in your skin from drying out.

Problems with Oily Skin

Oily skin can also give a false representation of your skin tone. We all want smooth and even skin, but oily skin is the main obstacle in achieving this goal. We usually find some issues to blame for our skin problems, and the sun is the main culprit here. The sun does not damage the skin just through UVB light, but you might not know that it’s the sun that makes your sebaceous glands produce sebum. Hence, people with oily skin experience more problems in sunnier weather. The sun essentially evaporates the water in your skin’s top layer, and sebaceous glands produce sebum to keep your skin moisture.

What Mattifiers Do

Mattifiers absorb skin oil and control oil production, and reduce the shine on your face to make the skin perfectly matte. These products also help your makeup last longer. This is possible by providing an excellent basis for moisturizers and primers and not allowing oil to get mingled with your makeup.

Mattifiers can also help you control acne. Acnes are the oils that exist on the surface of your face, exiting out of your skin pores.

Another benefit of mattifiers is that you can use them beside other products like moisturizers and primers. They are also used by people with combination skin. It should be noted that if you have combination skin, you need to use mattifiers by applying them only to the oily areas of your skin.

Complexion mattifiers are only suitable for those with oily and combination skin. Lotion mattifiers are very common, but powdered and gel-like mattifiers also exist. However, most people prefer the lotion type because of it is easier to apply lotion on the skin than powder or gel.

Final Words

Mattifiers are products that people with oily skin can use to have smooth and non-shiny skin. These products absorb skin oil and prevent makeup from being mixed with skin oil. Hence, if you have oily skin and want to find a way to make the beauty of your make more prominent, try mattifiers.

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