CMO is ‘very concerned’ about supermarket antigen testing

The chief medical officer said he was concerned about the Covit-19 antigen tests that people could buy on the shelves in supermarkets.

Little Ireland today began selling the test in five packs at stores across the country for $ 24.99.

“As we add these antigen tests to our range, we urge our shoppers to continue to adhere to public health advice,” the company said on Twitter.

“By delivering them, we hope these trials give our customers extra reassurance as they follow that advice.”

However, at a press conference for the National Public Health Emergency Committee, Dr. Tony Holohan said he believed people were really confused about antigen tests when stores were free to sell what they were selling.

Such trials only play a role in “strictly controlled circumstances” and do not result in “inappropriate assurances”.

The CMO added that he was “really concerned” that people would feel safe [after getting a negative Covid result using these tests] When they are not.

He feared they might take action later “They shouldn’t be [undertaking] Put people at risk “.

Someone can buy a pound of sausage, a barbecue and charcoal for an antigen test and “the best – [now we] You do not have to follow the rules, “said Dr. Holohan.

It represents “the real danger to our epidemic.”

The CMO cited the example of “If a person attends a wedding with an illness – in half the circumstances the antigen test will not take that case”.

There is a real risk that you will get a “super-spread event”.

Dr. Holohan said he and his team “strongly advise people – do not buy these, do not use them”.

G.P. Dr. Ray Wally said in his practice a person found a case with more symptoms, but the antigen test was negative and the PCR test was positive.

Earlier, HSE CEO Paul Reid was asked about the sale of antigen tests at Little in Ireland by RT ‘Morning, and he replied that although antigen tests play a role, “there is no higher quality than the PCR test, which is well-proven”. .

If you are symptomatic, consult a GP for PCR testing. If you have a positive antigen test, “Look for one more recommendation for a PCR test. This is the gold standard.”

It was also revealed yesterday that the Orioles Transport and Communications Committee has written to senior government members and health officials to use rapid antigen testing to re-establish air travel.

In their letter, the members said that the pilot project should be introduced before the EU’s Digital Green Certification comes into operation.

How do antigen tests work?

According to the HSE, a Covit-19 antigen test uses a cloth to take a sample from your nose. The sample does not need to go to a lab. The test results are faster than the PCR test, but it has some limitations.

The HSE warns that the antigen test is “less accurate than the Covit-19 PCR test.”

“This test will detect the virus in most people with symptoms. But in some cases, it will not take you to have the virus. If you have Covit-19 symptoms, tell a health worker immediately.”

It says “No test is 100% accurate. All tests have limitations.”

If the result of the antigen test conducted by HSE is positive (Covit-19 detected), you will be notified that “you should self-isolate within one hour of your test”.

If your antigen test result is negative or invalid, the HSE will send a second sample to the lab for the COVID-19 PCR test.

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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