Codex does not know where COVID-19 came from

Michael and Adam Cadet often keep to themselves. They are still somehow infected with COVID-19.

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Adam Cadet may have succumbed to COVID-19 late last week. It is not clear where it happened.

According to Michela Cadet, she has been circling her brain to find the answer, especially after she and her husband spoke with liaison officers at the Centers for Disease Control.

Adam, known to Connex fans, tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday morning.

“We basically didn’t go anywhere. We ‘ve been out of the house twice in the last week,” he said.

In both cases, they followed all the rules of social distance, he said, adding that they were very vigilant to stay away from others. They were less cautious last summer, he admitted, so while the rules laid down by the NHL were very strict, it is paradoxical that they are now contagious.

“Adam is a householder,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“He loves the rules, he wants to stay,” he said.

As many on Instagram have noticed, they took their dogs to the lighthouse park to be raised with Brock Pose, but they took different vehicles and were careful not to get too close to Adam’s team.

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“CDC and (Conax) told us everything we did last week before the positive test,” she said of conversations they had on Tuesday, after her husband’s Monday test came back positive.

“They assured us that we had done nothing wrong and that we could have contracted it from anywhere. So I would definitely trust anyone on Twitter with a burner account.”

He said he woke up with a headache on Thursday morning and felt a little tired, otherwise he was doing just fine. Adam, on the other hand, still has his taste and smell, but feels painful and dull, and has a cold. For him so far, he said, it was like the worst case of the flu.

They have never heard from health officials that their cases are a variant of concern, so they now sigh with caution.

Cadets are active on social media, believing it is a great way to interact with fans, especially when everyone is told it is good to be home at this time.

Most of the reaction was positive, but there are responses above and beyond the rate.

“I feel bad for Adam,” he said. “He’s very ill and deserves to be hated when we do nothing wrong. Everyone wants to see more personality from the players, so this hockey world is a bit sluggish, and then if something goes wrong that is out of anyone’s control, it’s hard to keep in touch on social media.”

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