Cold storage red meat products are tight

The USDA last week released its April “Cold Storage” report, revealing that total red meat supply is tight at 9 969.3 million on March 31, 2021, down 6.0% from the previous month, 16.6% less than a year earlier.

Pork in cold storage, at 451.8 million pounds, was down 26.8% from the same period last year, 26.0% lower than the five-year average. The Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) saw each type of product decline year-on-year, rising 10.0% to தவிர 21.4 million, excluding hip bones. Bellis showed a sharp decline, down 54.9% from last year to .3 35.3 million. Total ham in storage was .7 60.7 million, down 31.3% from last year and 34.2% less than last month. LMIC said the decline could be the result of Easter earlier this year. Spearips, Butts and Picnic lost 1 101.4, .7 18.7, and .5 7.5 million, 23.5%, 32.3% and 30.2%, respectively.

Total beef in cold storage was down 5.6% to 483.7 million pounds in March. This is 3.7% less than in 2020. LMIC reported that boneless beef and beef cuts were down 3.4% and 8.5%, respectively, from 451.3 and 32.3 million pounds last year.

“The tight distribution of beef in cold storage helps support the beef cutout value of the box, which is 32.3% or.

According to LMIC, total poultry stocks rose 0.1% over the previous month to nearly விட 1.1 billion, but were down 16.6% by 2020.

Total poultry in cold storage was 19.5% higher than the previous year, the lowest level since June 2015. Broilers were down 35.3% from 13.1 million pounds last year, but up 7.8% from last month. Thigh meat was down 46.3% to 19.2 million pounds, the lowest level since September 2017, LMIC said. Breast meat, quarters and wings also declined year-on-year to 10.0%, 28.7% and 31.3%, respectively, at 203.9, 57.8 and 36.9 million pounds, respectively. Total turkey shares fell 9.6% to .4 350.4 million.

Dairy products are worth almost ில்லியன் 1.5 billion, 2.1% more than last month and 6.7% more than by 2020. Total natural cheese stocks in refrigerated warehouses on March 31, 2021 are up 2% from the previous month and 7% from March 2020. Avocado stocks have risen slightly since last month, up 15% from a year ago.

This article first appeared Nutrients, A supermarket news sister website.

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