Coles supermarket to get Australia’s first pear variety

A new Australian first pear A variety called the Honey Belly, which until recently was exclusively bred in Hawks Bay, New Zealand, is now a feature of the Colburn Valley in Australia. There, Rocky Varapodio, of the Okmore Orchards, was the first producer in the country.

The pear, apple and stone fruit producer will ship his first commercial load of about 45 tonnes to Coles supermarkets.

Varapodio: “The trees are growing well and growing as expected. We harvested a small amount in 2020, and now business levels at the beginning of this year. As yields increase, we expect to reach full production by 2024. In terms of quality and eating experience, pears live up to their expectations.

Report receiving a grant of 000 500,000 from Colas to establish an innovative 13-hectare orchard in Ar Artmona, Varapodio began to grow a variety in 2017.

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