Corona virus: What happens on Tuesday in Canada and around the world


COVID-19 infections and deaths are increasing at a dangerous pace in India, with no end to the crisis, a public health expert warns ahead of difficult weeks.

India’s official corona virus cases crossed 20 million on Tuesday, almost doubling in the last three months, while deaths officially crossed 220,000. Shocking, real figures like those numbers Believed to be the highest, An obvious reflection of harassment in the health care system.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported 357,229 new cases and 3,449 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

Epidemics have been on the rise in India since February, and the government has decided to allow large crowds for viral festivals and political rallies and political rallies ahead of state elections.

Watch | Hospitals in India struggle with COVID-19 cases: Frenzied patients receiving care:

A ‘monster’ variant of the corona virus in India ‘kills patients like anything’ says Dr Tran Shaw, a cardiac surgeon in Ahmedabad, India, while the country has very few hospital beds, oxygen and medicines. 9:26

Dr Trinh Shaw, a cardiac surgeon at a private hospital in Ahmedabad, India, told the CBC’s Heather Hiscox that the condition of hospitals was very bad.

“We are in a situation where a lot of patients are begging for a bed in the hospital,” he said, but there is no way to maintain them all.

He told the CBC’s news network that the overall scene was now “horrible”.

Bed-seeking patients are forced to travel from hospital to hospital because they spend hours searching for an open bed, and Shaw, who died in the ambulance, is trying to get care.

Watch the full interview Learn more about what is happening on the ground in India.

The challenges were steep in the states where the elections took place, and the uncovered crowd exacerbated the spread of the virus. The average number of daily outbreaks in West Bengal has increased from 32 to 17,000.

“This is a terrifying crisis,” said Dr Punyaprada Koon, convener of the West Bengal Medical Council.

Koon said the government should expedite immunizations. But the world’s largest vaccine maker lacks shots – as a result of backward production and raw material shortages.

Dr Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health in the United States, said the Indian policymakers he contacted hoped things would improve in the next few days.

“I was … trying to tell them, ‘If everything goes right, things will be scary for the next several weeks. And it could be too long,’ he said.

Jah said the focus should be on “classic” public health activities: targeted strikes, over-testing, global masking and avoiding large gatherings.

“That’s what’s going to break the back of this uprising,” he said.

Rajesh Bhushan, India’s top health official, declined to speculate as to why the authorities were not better prepared.

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What’s going on across Canada

Watch | Nova Scotia Health CEO talks about the state of provincial hospitals:

About 44 ICU beds are still available for viral patients, says Dr. Brendan Carr, CEO of Nova Scotia Health. But hundreds of surgeries have been delayed to do this. 4:19

As of 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, Canada had reported 1,246,853 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with an estimated 82,727 active. A CBC News death toll was 24,382.

Ontario Report on Tuesday 2,791 new cases of COVID-19 And 25 additional deaths. The Govt-19 hospital has 2,167 patients and 886 patients are in intensive care, the province said.

Quebec On Tuesday, 797 new COVID-19 cases and 16 additional deaths were reported. At COVID-19 Hospital, 594 people and 155 people are in intensive care.

Meanwhile, in Atlantic Canada, Prince Edward Island On Tuesday a new case of COVID-19 was filed, bringing the number of active cases in the province to seven.

Nova Scotia Announced 146 new cases of COVID-19 On Monday, the province restrained smuggling, as criticized by Prime Minister Ian Rank’s “selfish few”.

New Brunswick Reported on Monday 15 new cases of COVID-19 And an additional death Newfoundland and Labrador Announced Four new cases – as well as one more on a cargo ship.

Across the North, Nunavut Seven new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Tuesday, bringing the total number of active cases in the area to 85. Yukon And this Northwest Territories Updates for the day have not yet been provided.

In Prairie provinces on Monday, health officials Manitoba Announced 251 new cases COVID-19 and an additional death Saskatchewan Announced 207 new cases And three additional deaths.

Alberta Reported on Monday 2,012 new cases of COVID-19 And four additional deaths. There are 23,608 active cases in Alberta, said Dr. Deena Hinsha, the state’s chief medical officer. 658 people were hospitalized due to the disease, of which 154 are in intensive care.

British Columbia Health officials said Monday 2,174 new cases of COVID-19 And 15 additional deaths between Friday and Monday.

Watch | Johnson & Johnson Questions surrounding NACI counseling for the vaccine:

Some physicians are concerned about the new guidelines for the Johnson & Johnson Govt-19 vaccine, after the National Advisory Council on Immunization said it should be limited to those over 30 who do not want to wait for the MRNA vaccine. Meanwhile, Health Canada continues to advise Canadians to get the first vaccine available to them. 2:12

-First update from CBC News and The Canadian Press at 11:15 p.m.

What is happening around the world

A handwritten message was caught on the face of a medical worker as he prepared to vaccinate people at a school in Bangkok on Tuesday. (Lillian Swanramba / AFP / Getty Images)

As of early Tuesday, more than 153.5 million Covid-19 cases had been reported worldwide, according to a case-monitoring tool maintained by Johns Hopkins University. The global death toll is more than 3.2 million.

In Middle East, The Kuwaiti government is blocking foreign travel abroad later this month in a recent attempt to curb the spiral corona virus outbreak in the Gulf Arabian Peninsula.

In Asia Pacific In the region, Taiwan has become the latest destination to be banned from India as it moves to prevent new epidemics, with more and more countries reporting cases of a variant being first identified on the subcontinent.

In Africa, Tanzania announced new anti-corona virus measures, saying it would like to prevent the import of new varieties.

In EuropeAccording to the EU Executive Committee, a quarter of all EU residents are now vaccinated against the first-degree coronavirus. After a slow start to its vaccination campaign, the European Union has stepped up the pace of immunization as vaccine distribution in the region of 27 countries has increased in recent weeks.

“The vaccine is gaining momentum across the European Union: we have passed 150 million vaccines,” Ursula van der Leyen said in a statement. Posted on Twitter.

Medical staff in Cologne, Germany, make modern vaccines. The city has launched a program to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to people living in an area with a high incidence of diseases caused by the corona virus novel. (Martin Meisner / Associated Press)

In United StatesMexico hopes to vaccinate its entire population against COVID-19 by the end of the first quarter of next year, said Hugo Lopez-Cadell, Mexico’s deputy health minister.

Trinidad and Tobago said it would tighten locking restrictions for three weeks starting at midnight on Monday as the number of new Covid-19 cases reached new highs and the Caribbean twin-island country faces a shortage of hospital beds.

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