March 29, 2023

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“Corruption and too much politics”: What is the case that will lead to the arrest of Donald Trump on Tuesday?

The former president of the United States said on March 18 that he could be arrested next Tuesday in connection with allegations that he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep his relationship secret.

He was the first US President to be handcuffed. Donald Trump announced on Facebook that he will be arrested on Tuesday, March 21, as part of an investigation into a suspicious money transaction. According to him, the investigation was “corrupt and highly politicized”. Back to this case.

“It happened a long time ago”

The story begins in 2006. Donald Trump allegedly had sex Porn actress Stormy Daniels, He vehemently denies an exchange. On that day True Society, He calls her “horse-faced” and writes that he “never communicated” with her. Last February, Donald Trump upset his Internet users. For good reason, in the network of his creation, he half-admits his relationship with the porn actress and publishes: “As for the storm mutation, it’s very old, it happened there. For a very long time”.

The Huffington Post The actress then explains the question, thanks the former president for admitting that she’s “right about everything,” and that she’ll “go back to bed with a horse face!”

Presidential campaign

Why did you deny such a relationship for so long? Rumors of the affair have raised fears of a scandal when Donald Trump ran for office in 2016. President. At that point, a simple sexual relationship between two adults becomes something that damages the credibility of a US presidential candidate.

So Donald Trump may have paid Stormy Daniels a hefty sum thanks to his lawyers. to prevent To reveal this story. Also, at the time, the billionaire was married to Ivana Trump. This question warns about attempted corruption Manhattan Grand Jury It initiates inquiry and investigation.

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Amount alleged to have been paid $130,000, From the 2016 campaign finances, it’s enough to upset those seeking re-election in 2024. Another case in point: allegations by his former lawyer Michael Cohen that other campaign funds were used to block him. The woman who revealed her relationship with Donald Trump.

Tuesday’s arrest?

On March 18, Donald Trump posted a message on Facebook condemning the “corrupt and highly politicized” investigation, saying the allegations were more of a “fairy tale” than a government scandal. He has called on his supporters to stand down, fearing that he could be arrested on Tuesday 21st for the fraudulent money. Ready to prove protect it.