COVID-19 patient at Kaohsiung visits supermarket, gym: CECC

Taipei / Kayahsiung, May 15 (CNA) A female Govt-19 patient, who tested positive for her father Govt-19, visited a supermarket and a gym in Kaohsiung before being diagnosed with the disease. The Center (CECC) said on Saturday.

The woman, in her 30s, was traveling on the No. 127 Puma Express train from Taipei on May 9 from 1:30 pm to 5:09 pm on the Kahiyung Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Red Line from Kahiyung Main Station. Later that evening, the C.E.C.

On the same day, before heading to the local 24-hour gym called AllSports, PX Mart visited the Seokong branch of the supermarket from 6:10 pm to 6:30 pm.

The CECC said he visited the gym every day from May 9-11 from 7pm to 8pm.

This woman is one of 29 confirmed domestic cases of COVID-19.

She is the daughter of one of the patients in the recent COVID-19 cluster in the Lujo district of New Taipei.

Meanwhile, Kaohsiung Mayor Sen C-Mai (其 邁) said on Saturday that his health department was considering the case following the discovery that his father had deliberately concealed a confirmed COVID-19 infection. 19 tests at a local hospital.

The woman said she did the test because she wanted to go abroad, but according to the Kahijung department, she did it only after learning that her father had tested positive for the disease.

As a result of his positive COVID-19 test, several medical staff contacted him that day and subjected him to isolation.

Sen said the health department would fine the woman accordingly.

(By Hang Hsu-guang, Wu Hsin-yun, Chang Ming-Hsuwan, Yu Hsiao-han and Ko Lin)

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