March 29, 2023

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Covid: The outbreak of cases in China is increasingly worrying, as two new countries take restrictive measures against travelers from China

China has been experiencing an epidemic outbreak since abandoning its “zero Covid” policy, after strong protest movements among the population, angered by three years of strict control measures.

Morocco bans arrivals from China from January 3Regardless of the nationality of the passengers, for that matter Avoid a new wave of coronavirus contamination, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. Many countries, including FranceIt has imposed health checks and restrictions against travelers from China Resurgence of cases contaminated with coronavirus. Thousands of tourists from China visit Morocco every year, usually traveling on flights via the Gulf countries. “This exceptional move will in no way spoil the sincere friendship between the people of the two countries and the strategic partnership between the two countries, and the kingdom is strongly linked,” he said. The Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

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Covid: WHO calls on Beijing to provide detailed data on pandemic, suspecting China has failed to count infections

Canada too

Passengers who want to go Canada A present from China A negative covid-19 test They dated two days before the flight, the Canadian government said on Saturday, following other countries that have taken health measures amid a resurgence of the epidemic in China. The move, decided by Ottawa, will take effect for 30 days from Thursday and will apply to all travelers aged 2 years and older.

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