COVID year one sheds a major light on shopping trends

Shopping trends offered by supercentre retailer Meijer include one-on-one services, quick renewal, convenient food solutions, home decor and entertainment after passing the one-year mark of the Kovit-19 epidemic.

Meizer said yesterday that home delivery and pickup services in stores have doubled in the past 12 months. Another digital preference was caught: customers used Grand Rapids, Mitch-based retailer store & scan technology more than 100 million times to maintain social distance and reduce in-store time. Accessed via the free Meizer mobile app, Shop & Scan allows shoppers to scan product barcodes with their smartphone, add bulk groceries and other items to their virtual cart, and then pay for items by scanning their phone manually. Update path.

Customers are also making fast food choices. As the wait time to pick up the restaurant increased, the stores saw a sharp rise in Grab-and-Go products – including sushi – and easy-to-eat food offerings for families to eat together at home. Rotisserie chicken is one of the most popular choices, selling 500,000 in the last month, the retailer said. During epidemics, customers also turned to pre-prepared food from local restaurants that partnered with Meizer to make their selected menu items available in certain communities.

Wholesale purchases have also risen. Instead of buying each product separately, more shoppers are stockpiling items such as potatoes, tomatoes and apples in bag sizes, Meizer said. Customers focused on boosting the immune system by adding oranges, lemons, grapes and foods to their shopping lists.


As strikes forced people to stay home and work, sales of home decor items saw sharp gains in the mezzanine.

Surprisingly, masks, hand sanitizers and surface cleaners were the top sellers throughout 2020 because customers are eager to protect themselves from the virus, Meizer said. Disposable foods, aluminum foil, baking paper and food storage saw huge cooking increases, which increased in home cooking and baking. Most recently, shoppers have been focusing on tidying up the home and adding environmentally safe cleaning solutions to their supply shelves.

Meizer operates 256 supermarkets and grocery stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

“We continue to commend our store teams who have worked diligently throughout the epidemic to find solutions that will help our customers find the products they need while keeping their families safe,” said Peter Witzet, Vice President of Business and Marketing Executive at Meizer. Report. “It’s been a challenge for a year. Although it’s not over yet, we see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Shopping trends also reflect epidemic-induced home and work lifestyle changes, Meizer noted. For example, when local gyms and fitness centers were forced to close temporarily, customers in the Midwest market area of ​​the chain sought home fitness products such as yoga mats, fitness bars, curl bars and hand weights, which the company “turned into hot sellers” and demanded more than 300% Increased.

MeizerMajor Infection Shopping Trends-Home Exercise. Jpg

Major has increased sales of home fitness product as the epidemic has created consumer awareness around health.

Similarly, the increase in work from home spurred home office-related purchases. According to Meizer, sales of warm curtains and heavy blankets are down 50% a year, plus shoppers try to reduce the heat bills and block the light in their home offices. Spa-themed candles experienced a 160% increase in sales since the onset of the epidemic as customers sought to revive their workplaces.

Similarly, Major sold more than 1 million bed pillows in 2020, with shoppers opting for white products with antimicrobial properties and pillows to work with at home and do tasks such as email and streaming TV shows. Decorative pillows were used to enliven the background for video calls. Meijer said he expects double-digit growth of bed pillows to continue this year, even as work from home continues to decline as vaccines help the country get out of the epidemic.

More time at home also means making more purchases to alleviate boredom. Meizer pointed out that as epidemic-related strikes increased, customers were busy buying new video game hardware and accessories, board games and puzzles for fun and entertainment. The retailer sold more bikes, pools and grills than in previous years, saw an increase of more than 60% in sales of fishing poles and gear, and an estimated 9 million new angels entertained.

“As communities begin to reopen, we continue to find flexible new ways for customers to redesign their shopping habits for the warmer weather of a new year,” Widget said.

Other trends were revealed at the Major Express locations. Meizer said these convenient outlets are reducing gas sales due to reduced travel, but at the same time they have become places for customers looking for faster trips as strikes shorten retailers’ operating hours. In addition to sales tabs on night-time snacks and drinks, 24-hour Major Express locations saw double-digit growth in firewood and propane sales for backyard meetings and camping trips. Scratch-off and weekly lottery sales have also increased by more than 25% at Major stores and Major Express locations over the past 12 months.

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