July 21, 2024

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Cyberpunk 2077 Devs & More condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Cyberpunk 2077 Devs & More condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Protesters cry while holding multiple posters and a written banner "Stop Putin, stop the war!" While organizing in Rome,

Demonstrators from the Ukrainian Christian community in Rome hold placards in support of Ukraine after the Russian invasion.
Photo: Alessandra Benedetti Corbis (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Russian forces, on the orders of President Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine and fired 200 missiles, some of which were said to hit residential areas near the capital, Kiev. At least 50,000 Ukrainian citizens have fled the country, According to CNN. While some game developers based in Ukraine responded immediately For this aggressive act, now a growing number of studios outside the invading nation, including Cyberpunk 2077 movie CD maker Projekt Red also spoke of his solidarity with the Ukrainian people and condemnation of Russia’s actions.

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11 bit studiosbehind the Polish studio Frostbank A survival game against war This war of minesAnd the Came out in vehement opposition to the war, issuing a statement on Twitter waving the hashtag #FuckTheWar and reading in part, “Let this message resonate with all you know about this war and how war is killing people and destroying their lives and homes.” The statement also announced that all profits realized from This war of mines Over the next seven days it will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help war victims.

This morning, Cyberpunk 2077 movie CD Projekt Red developer, based in Poland that borders Ukraine to the west, announced on Twitter that it will donate 1 million PLN (or PLN), roughly 242,400 USD, Polska Akcja Humanitarnaa Poland-based humanitarian group supporting Ukrainian victims.

“The recent invasion of Ukraine has left us, our friends and neighbors, shocked and angry,” CD Projekt Red said on Twitter. “We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such injustice and ask everyone to join in and help in any way we can. Together we can make a big difference!”

Crytivo, the California indie game publisher and developer behind the city-builder game the University , Posted a statement on Twitter yesterday It was signed by CEO and Founder Alex Koshelkov declaring that all proceeds from February and March will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross. Kochelkov also said that Crytivo will give its Ukrainian employees paid leave so that they can create a safe environment that will allow them to work again.

“With the recent military development in Ukraine, I feel compelled to tell our fans and others that our company Crytivo is strongly anti-war and we stand by the people of Ukraine,” Kochelkov’s statement said. “The past few years have been really difficult for all of us and I hope we can inspire others to give a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need.”

State of Play Games, the Czech developers behind the BAFTA award-winning puzzle game lumino city, Also issued a statement this morning She said she would join 11-bit studios in solidarity with Ukraine by donating all proceeds from her games on the App Store, Google Play and Steam to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

and Amanita Design, the Czech studio behind the psychedelic horror game happy game, She announced on Twitter that she would donate her earnings from It is a popular adventure gameAnd the Chuchel, And the squeak next week to Clovekvtisni, The Prague-based non-profit said it would “use the money to help the most vulnerable people in Ukraine affected by the ongoing Russian invasion”. Amanita Design also thanked 11-bit studios and State of Play games In the next tweet For inspiring her to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs help now,” Amanita Design said in a statement. We condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This terrible act of aggression has absolutely no place in any democratic society.”

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