Deep cleaning of the International Space Station

If the facilities on Earth continue their rigorous cleaning practices as contagious for more than a year, professional cleaners can imagine a place where they can retire from their regular, perhaps space. But they will think wrong.

Astronauts at the International Space Station a Strict cleaning schedule Every Saturday, their life quarter is dusting, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, reports.

Be careful not to bring the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the station, isolate it before the astronauts arrive, and make sure all newly provided equipment is germ-free. However, controlling dangerous microorganisms is an important part of safe living in an enclosed environment where air is constantly recycled.

Astronauts can use disinfectant wipes to reduce their bacterial path if they touch handrails, portable microphones, computers and anything else. They take turns cleaning up messy areas like the Note 3 with toilet and gym equipment and the Note 1 eating astronauts.

Space center people usually vacuum the ventilation stages, which collect all the debris floating in the cabin. The blocked ventilation grid will affect the carbon dioxide clearance mechanisms of the station, making the air inside unfit to breathe.

Studies have shown that many types of microorganisms thrive in space, and some perform even better in the microenvironment than on Earth. As each astronaut brings with them their unique set of microbes that colonize the interior of the station, the microbiology of the station changes as the teams rotate. This makes it a perfect place to study new cleaning technology.

The space station currently offers a number of tests to test various antibacterial and antiviral products designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. These materials will not only make future space travel safer, but they may also make life on Earth healthier. Such materials may protect the door, lift buttons and other high touch areas.

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