Demon Slayer broke the death knell at the domestic box office over the weekend

After losing a close battle at its opening weekend at the domestic box office, Demon Slayer The Movie: The Face Train officially took first place from Mortal Gombat. Box office mojo, Demon Slayer 4 earned 6.4 million last weekend, beating Mortal Gombat’s 2 6.2 million short. Godzilla vs. Kong ranked # 3 with a total of 7 2.7 million. The top five finishers are split 8 1.8 million and 3 1.3 million from Raya and the Lost Dragon.Debuting at the box office, Mortal Gombat grossed $ 22.5 million and Demon Slayer.5.5 topped the $ 19.5 million mark.

At the domestic box office, Demon Slayer not only surpassed Mortal Gombat, but also grossed $ 34.11 million as of May 2, 2021, surpassing its total of $ 34.1 million.

Both films saw a revenue drop of about 70% at the box office, while Godzilla vs. Kong fell 36% for the week.

In our Mortal Gombat review, we said, “This may not be a flawless success, but the new Mortal Gombat movie is a fun time for fans of game ownership.”In our Monster Slayer movie: Mugan Trail review, “Ufodables’ jaw-dropping scenes only make Demon Slayer a movie: Mugan train is worth a look, even if the film stumbles a bit at the climax. It will no doubt be a turning point in the lives of our heroes. “

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