Despite rumors, Biden’s climate plan will not limit meat consumption

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Wilsock has said President Joe Biden has no plans to limit meat consumption as part of his broader climate plan. Speaking ahead of the annual meeting of North American agricultural journalists on Monday morning, Wilsack quickly downplayed the rumors.

“There has been no attempt to restrict people’s beef intake from President Biden’s White House and the USDA,” Wilsock says.

Over the weekend, Republican members of Congress and news organizations began claiming that 90% of Biden’s climate plan would cut red meat from food by 2030.

Wilsack says this information is not based on any desire, effort, press release or policy article that supports the notion that the Biden administration wants people to eat less meat or that the USDA has some plans designed to reduce meat consumption.

“Sometimes in the political world, everyone plays games, and problems are injected into the conversation knowing full well that there are no real grounds for the problem,” says Wilsack, noting that this is what has happened on the topic.

Wilsock, a former governor of Iowa, said there are some individual states that are calling on government leaders to reduce meat consumption, but not nationally. Although he did not call Colorado directly, shock waves were created this spring with the March 20 announcement by the Colorado State Jared Police “Meetout Day” He urges Colorado residents to refrain from eating meat to claim that it benefits human and planetary health.

Livestock supporters celebrated “Meat in the Day” to protest the day, and other states, such as Nebraska and Iowa, declared and supported beef producers by declaring April as beef month.

The aging secretary says there are some in the medical field who suggest the right balance of meat consumption. Other efforts are underway internationally to reduce meat consumption due to the suggested impacts on climate. But Wilsack assured that none of those efforts would “take place at this time in the Biden administration, and certainly not in the USDA.”

This article first appeared Nutrients, A supermarket news sister website.

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