December 1, 2023

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Destiny 2’s Legend difficulty is the worst change ‘Lightfall’ has made

Destiny 2’s Legend difficulty is the worst change ‘Lightfall’ has made

It’s time to light the “getting better” fires. At this point, a month into Lightfall, I’m ready for it Announce I positively dislike at least one of the major difficulty changes the new expansion brought to Destiny 2, the increases we saw in Legendary/Legendary difficulty.

First of all, one of the main issues is that Legend and Legendary are actually the same Two different types of difficulty.

  • Legendary difficulty is what we see in our initial campaign play If You Choose the Hardest Option, on the Neomuna Patrol and in the bizarre AVALON mission. In Campaign and AVALON at least, this difficulty level raises enemy health the more members you have in your fireteam.
  • The Legendary difficulty is for Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Dares of Eternity, and weekly campaign missions, which have two difficulty levels above it, Master and Grandmaster (for Nightfalls). This does not measure enemy health by fireteam size, but the enemies are much harder than the “Legendary” difficulty at baseline.

Legendary and Legend both lock players at -15 under strength compared to enemies, but Legend, in general, feels harder and has champions. Although Avalon legendary Currently one of the hardest things in the game due to the nature of the mission.

If Bungie wanted to simplify the difficulty levels and make things more straightforward, I really don’t think they’ve done it here. And most of this, almost all of it, doesn’t feel good compared to how things used to be.

I know Bungie makes these changes to combat force creep, the Strand is absurdly strong, and the new 3.0 subclasses have given players even more power. But that doesn’t change the fact that most of Legend’s (ary) content feels the same Very bad. Not only do enemies feel powerful, we often feel positive weak.

I understand why some changes were made. Non-Neumona patrol enemies still die with a single body shot from a scouting rifle. The hit playlist was close to the same, and I think the +0 scale they did there was a nice change. As for the rest?

  • Overall, I still liked the difficulty of the Legendary campaign, minus the one-shot Threshers (which have since been fixed) and the tendency to force players into strand strips without actual Strand builds available. But then again, doing it with a fireteam made the enemy’s health buffs feel oppressive. But to make things even more confusing, there are Legend and Master difficulties for the campaign after you beat them, which are used last kind of scaling.
  • The Newmona Patrol is a strange case. Personally, I don’t mind how it feels, but I understand why some people don’t like it. It is almost on an enemy-by-enemy basis. For example, orange sprites feel silly, and it’s not a great feeling that it takes four shots to the head to kill a red-bar enemy. But when you have 5-6 people running Terminal Overload, even with enemies that are 15 strength above you, I think it’s a lot of fun (especially now that Threshers is fixed). Although I understand that this is patrol And people are not clear why this is needed completely This is a sponge bullet.
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  • Lost Sectors in Legends doesn’t feel good. The numbered revive system looks outdated. The rewards, even after modern buffs, don’t seem like farm worthwhile after you get one copy of the new exotic seasonal for your class.
  • Nightfalls feels really bad. Even with the slightly increased rewards, you can’t over level for them to run faster, and attempts with LFG combos can go catastrophically wrong, especially in some of the new content like the turret-filled Arms Dealer and the chaotic Mars Battlefield. I would argue that Nightfalls has a Master and Grandmaster for players looking for tough challenges. Legend difficulty shouldn’t be like this.
  • Legend AVALON, the alien mission, is arguably the worst offender here. While it doesn’t use Nightfall mode, playing it with a team of enemies is to the point of absurdity, and the structure of some encounters (sitting in this hole in the ground as Wyverns are one shot at you) just doesn’t lend itself to solo play. The mission also has a horrible checkpoint system that results in a lot of lost progress, as well as a completely unnecessary revive code scanning system where one second of error can cost you an entire encounter. Legendary Shield feels way better compared to just one season.

I know some may disagree with this, but I think the majority view is that Bungie went a little too far here. And this was before we got to Master raids and GM Nightfalls yet, which would be an entirely different conversation. All I know is that Most Legendary content that I simply find…not fun. Not to say I can not Beat it, but I sure wouldn’t choose to turn it on if I absolutely didn’t have to.

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