Did NASA really capture a rainbow on Mars? The truth behind the viral film

NASA’s diligence made the Mars rover look like a rainbow in the Martian sky.

NASA’s diligence Recent images of Mars Rover have caused a stir on social media, in particular Some of them The Red Planet seems to feature the rainbow. The rover’s danger-avoidance camera looked like a perfect rainbow in the sky on Tuesday, April 4th. The film went viral on the internet and sparked mass speculation online, given that rainbows are not possible in the arid atmosphere of Mars.

Reddit users are guessed The “rainbow” may actually be a “dustpo” caused by dust instead of water droplets. Users also dug into the old idea of ​​Rich Zurich, chief scientist at NASA’s Mars Project Office, that “glaciers” could appear on Mars. “There weren’t too many rainbows because it wasn’t raining, but we saw ice with the Pathfinder mission,” he said. Wrote In response to a query at the Reddit 2015 ‘Ask Me Anything’ session.

What exactly does NASA’s image show? A few hours ago the space company responded to Twitter.

“Many have asked: Is it a rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbows are not possible here,” NASA’s diligent rover clarified. “Rainbows are made of light reflected by round water droplets, but there is not enough water to condense here, and it’s too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. This is a lens expansion of the bow,” it explained.

So ‘rainbow’ is nothing more than lens widening.

Dave Laurie of NASA headquarters also confirmed Forbes It’s “definitely not a rainbow …. it’s just the internal reflections in the camera lens.”

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover touched the Red Planet on February 18.

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