Doha, Qatar: Youths die at local supermarket; Qatar Indian Community Forum performs funeral rites

Digiworld Media Network – Doha (EP)

Doha, April 3: A 38-year-old man from Attawar died while shopping at a local supermarket here.

The man, identified as Samir Ahmed Omar Kenzar, was shopping at a supermarket near his home when he collapsed due to a heart attack. Locals who saw him took him by ambulance to the well-known local Hamad Hospital, but he died at 2.05am on March 29 without responding to treatment.

As Sameer was away, his family members could only be notified by the hospital staff on March 31st. His family members Mustafa and Jubair in Qatar, who were devastated by the news, conveyed their plight to the leaders of the Qatar Indian Community Council.

The QISF team of Imtiaz Karnad, Bashir Ahmed, Khalid Mohsin and Wazir Panjalkatte collected details to identify the deceased, informed his family members and obtained permission to conduct the funeral in Qatar. They also contacted the police, hospital and Indian embassy officials and collected the required documents within a day.

The Qatar Indian Community Forum conducted the funeral rites led by QISF leaders and activists after the Asr prayers on Friday evening, April 2, at the Abu Hamour Cemetery in Qatar, in the presence of family members of the deceased and members of other organizations.

Sameer has left his wife, two children, mother and family members in Mangalore. QISF prays that the Almighty may help the family of the deceased to pay the loss.

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