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Don’t expect big discoveries at the Summer Games Festival, says Jeff Keighley

Don’t expect big discoveries at the Summer Games Festival, says Jeff Keighley

Since the death of E3, June has descended into a chaotic collection of trailers, streams, announcements, and a general mania of publicity-seeking barkers. Summer Game Fest has emerged as a hub for many developers looking for eyes. The two-hour show, hosted by marketing man Geoff Keighley, will air on Friday, and will likely poke your eye in the eye with a lot of games. However, most of these games won’t be brand new, or exciting reveals, as Kelly himself said in a new Q&A session on Twitch. “There will definitely be new announcements, but the show is largely focused on, ‘Think existing games that have new updates for fans,'” he said. He said he mentioned this early on to set expectations.

During the session, Kelly confirmed that a lot of games will not be shown. For example, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will not be displayed. Kingdom Hearts 4 is also off the table, as is The Wolf Among Us 2. We shouldn’t expect anything about the upcoming BioShock Judas-like shooter, nor anything about future Five Nights At Freddy games. Kelly says he compares Summer Game Fest to his other big show, The Game Awards, which is usually the place to unveil.

“[The] The Games Awards usually have a lot of big surprises – which we’re grateful for – and big, new reveals. this [Summer Game Fest] Focuses largely on the stated things…

“There are definitely things being announced but this isn’t a show that has a lot of things like ‘coming in 2026’ or ‘2027’, or teasers for games that were released years and years ago… That’s what I would say in general in terms of defining “Expectations.”

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It stands to reason that the biggest revelations would not automatically trickle down to Kelly’s knowledge, given the divided state of the Summer Games in recent years. Even before E3 was completely disbanded, many publishers were hosting their own events where larger announcements were traditionally made.

However, Keighley did highlight some games that might appear, including the dinosaur-hit Monster Hunter Wilds, the medieval RPG Kingdom Come 2: Deliverance, and Metaphor: Refantazio, the upcoming fantasy JRPG from the creators of Persona. this thing! It’s worth noting that Geoff’s Jambalaya is followed by indie game-focused shows like Day of the Devs and the historically excellent Devolver Digital Direct.