D&T Supermarket returns to Toronto this fall with new college and Spadina location

A year later D&T Closed on Cherry Street, the East Asian supermarket opens a new location in the College and Spadina this fall, taking the place of the former Independent City Market.

BC The based supermarket chain, owned by Lopez, closed its only urban space at the eastern tip in January 2020, paving the way for Port Lands redevelopment.

T & T CEO Tina Lee, I heard about the location being available after the Independent City Market, owned by Lopez, closed. He added that its closure had nothing to do with the arrival of T&D.

Lee says the challenge in opening Downtown is finding a great place to have the infrastructure for delivery trucks and parking.

“It’s 27,000 square feet, not the 40,000 we had on Cherry Street, so we have to be selective in carrying it to the store. So instead of eight seafood tanks, there will be four. You’ll still get everything, but only in a small space,” Lee said.

“Unlike other places, we expect frequent visits and walks from people because we’m within walking distance or I think the U.S. time is good from T and Rearson. We’m going to be open in the fall and can welcome students back on campus.”

The new location will be a few steps away from Chinatown, but Tony Louie, the head of the Chinatown BIA, did not feel threatened by its arrival.

“This is a medium-sized store, not a mega-size store in the suburbs. In Chinatown, a lot of shopping is done by hand and trolley because there are not a lot of parking facilities, so it will not be any different than before (when the city market was here), ”he said.

Louie says Chinatown used to have five grocery stores, but now it is just below the two Kai Wei supermarket and Hua Sheng supermarket on Spadina Avenue. Three if you add Lucky Moose Mart further east on Dantas Street West.

He says existing grocery store owners may feel more competitive, but having more varieties is not a bad idea for shoppers.

“We have to respect the unfettered market economy. We can’t evict people because they are a chain. It’s better than the front of a dead shop or moving a lot of it. It’s always good to keep occupying shop edges.

I hope the new store complements existing Chinatown and becomes one more place for shoppers, pointing to the fact that there is already a D&T in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Last year, D&T Supermarket began offering online shopping for those who could not go to the shops.

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