DTSP Selects Quadmaster Model for Teens Throughout the 2021-22 School Year

The Toronto District School Board has decided to use the “Quadmester” system for teens throughout the 2021-22 school year, stating that it “requires a secondary schedule that meets both the expected public health activities and the needs of students.”

Last week, the Ministry of Education urged boards to use this model, with students taking two courses at once over four quadmesters, as opposed to the usual four courses per semester, or eight courses used less from September to June.

As for the Toronto teens, they will take two courses from September to mid-November, again from mid-November to mid-January, then from mid-April to mid-April – the same schedule is in this school year.

“This model will provide reassurance to students earlier this year and allow a common entry point for all students, especially those who can transfer between schools or start high school for the first time,” the board said in an email bombing.

“… Of course, we must be flexible and fast, and we must continue to follow the guidelines provided by both the Ministry of Education and the Toronto Department of Public Health. If anything changes, we will keep you informed.”

The board also said it would seek student input as projects progress.

In a memo for the boards on May 4, the Ministry of Education said the boards should continue to provide students with the option of virtual learning and that families have until June 1 to decide whether to attend in person or learn online.

“As in 2020-21, school boards should plan to run elementary schools full-time in person,” the ministry wrote.

“Elementary students must continue to collaborate with their classmates and their homeroom teacher. Special teachers are able to move into classrooms to offer students the full breadth of programming for classes such as French / Second Language / English (on French language school boards), arts and health and physical education.”

In high schools, “Boards follow secondary scheduling methods that emphasize the integration of students as much as possible and control the number of student-student interactions. School boards will be required to limit the timetable for two individual classes (such as quadmastering) with exceptions for schools that may limit contact by integrating standards, or with exceptions for schools that make contact tracks manageable if the overall size of the school is small. ”

The memo goes on to say, “The purpose of this is to plan full-time direct learning for high schools … Boards are also asked to have plans to highlight other delivery methods when needed when providing for students. Access to the full width of the courses. “

The York Regional District Board recently said that its teachers will not only teach children who choose virtual learning, but will also teach livestream lessons, and separate classes may be scheduled if there are enough students.

“Through feedback, we have heard that their priorities from families include students’ affiliation with their home school, the ability to easily switch between distance learning and individual learning when needed, and continuous access to distance learning as needed,” Education Director Luis Sirisco said in a letter posted on the board’s website. “With the hybrid model, families will have the ability to choose direct or distance learning, and employment for all students will be at their home school.”

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There have been reports of a fall as the Ontario government continues to struggle Should schools reopen This is said to be necessary in areas with low COVID numbers next month, and as the number of top pediatricians in the country increases, as the current social isolation affects children.

All schools were closed by the province for private classes indefinitely in mid-April.

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