Echoes clash in Bezos and Kasturi space race

Kasturi was less ambitious in a recent tweet in response to a post about Blue Origin, the space company that founded Bezos, saying “it can’t be raised (in orbit).”

PARIS – Even the Milky Way seems too small to collide without compensating for the place of technology billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Musk had a low target with a recent tweet in response to a post about Blue Origin, the space company that founded Bezos. Astronauts on the Moon.

“It’s more than just a war for space,” said Wetbush analyst Daniel Eves. “There’s some ego in the game too; it’s even more personal.”

Each of the technological entrepreneurs has sent their vast wealth to private space exploration companies since the beginning of this century.

The 57-year-old Bezos is the founder of Blue Origin and e-commerce Colossus Amazon. Forbes estimates he is the richest man on the planet at $ 202 billion.

The colorful 49-year-old Musk and other companies from Tesla and SpaceX companies rank third, worth $ 173 billion, including those who work to connect the human brain to computers.

– Satellite Networks –

Instead of leaving such wonders to governments, private companies have developed dreams – of deploying wireless internet service satellite networks and projects for space travel.

While SpaceX and Blue Origin have the advantage of founders with large financial resources, they also compete for contracts with the U.S. military or aerospace companies.

Musk has a clearer lead than Bezos.

SpaceX has hundreds of satellites in orbit, while a Khyber satellite network remains tied to Earth despite Bezos pledging $ 10 billion in support.

Musk formed an alliance with Microsoft, Amazon’s biggest competitor in the cloud computing market, whose companies announced late last year that it would offer satellite-based Internet service on its Azure platform.

Microsoft has said it will work with SpaceX on a government deal to build satellites as part of a defense system capable of detecting and monitoring ballistic, naval and hypersonic missiles.

Separately, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded a $ 10 billion “JD” cloud computing contract to Microsoft last year to replace Amazon.

Amazon has accused former US President Donald Trump of withdrawing from the deal due to sales against the company and Bezos.

– Rocket to wealth? –

Xavier Pascoe, strategic research astronaut for the Foundation, said NASA has developed confidence in SpaceX, which is believed to be the spacecraft and astronauts to the International Space Station.

In contrast, Pasco noted that Blue Origin did not make that “important step.”

Bezos was left to challenge SpaceX on the planet on Earth.

Earlier this year he announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Amazon and plans to spend more time on other projects, including Blue Origin.

Bezos quotes the future vision of the late physicist and astronaut Gerard O’Neill, but mocks Musk’s talk about Mars’ colonization.

Bezos has made it clear that he thinks the red planet is not a place for a home.

“Who wants to go to Mars?” Bezos said at the 2019 conference.

“Do me a favor, first go live on top of Mount Everest for a year and see if you like it – because it’s a garden paradise compared to Mars.”

The rivalry between Bezos and Musk comes with financial stocks outside of this world.

Analyst Eves predicts that the “monetization” of the trillions of dollars worth of space will soon begin.

“Bezos and Musk know that the winner of the space war will be crowned within the next year or two,” Ives said.

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