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Elden Ring fans think the DLC could include a PvP mode

Elden Ring fans think the DLC could include a PvP mode

Elden Ring fans debate the meaning of some oddly closed parts of The Lands Between, with many concluding that they’ll be used in PvP or Boss Rush DLC add-ons (although the latter seems less likely).

Warning: This article contains small spoilers for the Elden Ring locations.

It’s very likely that you’ve found one or more of the Colosseum in The Lands Between, and thus you were a bit confused as to why you couldn’t get in.

The opening area of ​​the game, Limgrave, includes a Colosseum, which is guarded by an NPC invader that you have to defeat in order to claim two of the multiplayer game items. However, the Colosseum itself remains closed, with a ghostly figure outside wondering why they couldn’t enter.

Fromsoft Dataminer Lance MacDonald Now released a video It shows what’s inside that Colosseum, a fully realized area, complete with an arena, stands for spectators, and elevators. The Colosseum has been found in multiple parts of the map as well.

Inside the Colosseum Limegrave. (Image credit: Lance MacDonald)

While some see this as simple truncated content, many (Including McDonald’sI predicted that regions would be used in DLC in the future. Many see this as a natural way to add a full PvP mode to the game. While PvP invasions are a practical part of the game, there is currently no dedicated area for players to test their strength against each other, as in other Souls games.

Others have speculated that regions can be used in the Boss Rush mode, allowing you to re-fight against multiple Elden Ring bosses. However, this seems less likely, given what Producer Yasuhiro Kitao said earlier GamerBraves The team is not currently planning to add such a feature.

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You can expect any potential expansion DLC to be at least months away, but given the enormity of Elden Ring, you’ll likely have enough to keep you occupied for a while.

We have plenty of how-to guides for the game on the Elden Ring Wiki. If you need convincing to pick it up, see our full 10/10 review.

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