June 3, 2023

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Elypse launches for PC on May 17th

PC version of the side-scrolling action platformer ellipse will launch across steam And Epic Games Store On May 17, publisher PID Games and developer Hot Chili Games announced the game. PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch versions are due out later in 2023.

Below is an overview of the game, via file Steam page:


Every ten years, you must make a sacrifice to protect your people from the Abyss, a place worshiped as feared… This time you were chosen and cast into darkness… No one ever returned But maybe you can achieve the impossible?

Nyx welcomed you, living alone with her rocks in a cave, you’ve been surviving for ten years. With its help, you will try to reach a portal that will finally allow you to escape from the depths of the abyss in this Metroidvania platformer.

Key Features

  • 2D action platformer in a dark and gloomy styleellipse is a 2D Metroidvania that combines platforms and action that takes place in the depths of a hellish world.
  • Environment full of traps and dangers – Explore the depths of the abyss with a light and graceful character. Ingenuity and perseverance will be needed if you want to explore the abyss and escape unscathed from it.
  • Traverse the abyss using the intuitive dash and slash system – Use a precise and intuitive dash and dash system to take on a treacherous environment and ferocious enemies.
  • Evolve with new skills and abilities – Make use of a variety of unlockable skills and abilities to survive trials ellipse.
  • Explore amazing environments, displaced with atmosphere – Explore this universe with a fantastic setting as you desperately try to escape from the abyss once and for all.

Watch a new trailer below.

PC release date

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