March 29, 2023

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Emmanuel Macron announced delivery of light combat tanks to Kyiv

Cover Image: Ukrainian soldiers fire from an artillery unit towards Russian positions on the outskirts of Pakmud in eastern Ukraine on December 30, 2022. Samir al-Doumi/AFP

  • Moscow has raised the death toll of its soldiers during the Ukrainian bombing of Makivka in the occupied part of eastern Ukraine. “The death toll of our comrades has reached eighty-nine”Gen. Sergey Chevryokov said in a video statement broadcast by the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday evening. ” A commission is probing the situation. of attack, but, according to him, “The main reason [est] Mass use by personnel of cell phones within range of incendiary and enemy weapons”.
  • Rallies were held in Russia on Tuesday to pay tribute to the dozens of soldiers killed in Makhivka. The shock of the news sparked a wave of criticism against the army. Emotions were heightened by the presence of slain soldiers.
  • Heavy fighting is taking place around the town of Bakhmaut in eastern UkraineNo real strategic importance, but Russian forces led by Wagner Group mercenaries have been trying to take it for months.
  • According to Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukraine has shot down nearly five hundred Russian drones since September 2022. Eighty-four drones launched by Russia during the last major strike during the New Year holidays were thus destroyed.
  • Emmanuel Macron and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson reaffirmed their support for Ukraine on Tuesday. The head of the Swedish government made his first visit to Paris after Sweden took over – on 1R January and for six months – rotating president of the European Union.
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