July 19, 2024

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Emmanuel Macron is ready “to go to a referendum at any time” on the reform of the electoral commission

Emmanuel Macron is ready “to go to a referendum at any time” on the reform of the electoral commission

Gabriel Attal pays tribute to two gendarmes who “fell to restore order”.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Friday paid tribute to people of both sexes who were killed during the violence in New Caledonia. “Fallen to restore order, to protect our fellow citizens”During a ceremony at Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne).

“Two gendarmes fell to protect our fellow citizens and restore order. Two gendarmes fell in the uniform of France in the face of riot and violence.The Head of Government announced. “Let us draw strength from your example to carry on the work”Gabriel Attal confronts the coffins of the two missing gendarmes.

Chief Marshal Nicolas Molinari (age 22) and Major Xavier Salo (age 46) were killed in the archipelago on May 15 and 16 respectively, the first by being shot in the head in an intervention, the second by his colleagues while handling a weapon in an accidental shooting.

They were among seven victims of violence that has rocked New Caledonia for ten days amid protests against electoral reforms rejected locally by separatists. “Today, in New Caledonia, the work continues”Gabriel Attal recalled and confirmed it “It is indeed a discipline that needs to be re-established, and re-established quickly before the situation deteriorates further.”.

“The situation in New Caledonia today is very fragile and anything can trip it up.”He further argued, “Peace”. “This peace, this dialogue, the president works by going to the ground, listening to the actors and creating the conditions for dialogue.”He concluded, before placing the Military Medal and Legion of Honor veteran’s badge on the coffin of the two gendarmes.

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