Eric Daly: The police officer killed in the Boulder supermarket shooting is in public memory today

Officers from Ohio and New Jersey filed the honor guard at the last Cavernous Church. A large display of personal items including a tin pile filled with golf balls, photos of Daley with the kids and several children’s books is located between the rose garlands in front of the sanctuary. Hundreds of people sat for more than 30 minutes.

A uniformed color guard passed Dolly’s coffin and was covered with an American flag. Six officers carried the coffin to the front of the sanctuary.

Throughout the nearly three-hour service, religious leaders, police officers and friends remembered the 51-year-old Daley as a trustworthy, energetic and selfless family man and public servant. Golf lover who drank Mountain Dew. A tech wiz in everyone’s speed dial.

Daly left a career as an IT expert in 2010, eventually becoming a patrol officer and a founding member of the Boulder Police Department drone team.

Boulder recalled Police Chief Maurice Herald’s interest in his work and helping the community.

“I lost my father at the age of 13. There was not a day that I did not think of him that I remember him the most. “Your father is kind. Your father died a hero. Dozens of lives were no doubt saved because of his courage and quick action. ”

Jared described Police (D) Daly as “a kind of man who went out of his way to brighten someone else’s day.”

Daley was remembered for collecting police supplies for a community resident whose water broke mainly, rescuing a duck and her ducks, and a boy being treated for cancer. He spent evenings at the Senior Center; He and his family owned more than 450 board games.

At Christmas 2019 she decorated a poetry show written by her seven children. An excerpt was written: “Dad, our helpless hero, you will never count the cost. We will never have more than we need, but our praises are not enough.”

Daley was one of ten people killed within a month of the country’s second mass shooting on March 22. He was the first officer to run to the store next door, and was immediately confronted by the gunman.

Dozens of people fled the store as 11-year-old Boulder police veterans died along with shopkeepers and staff, and numerous armored law enforcement officers smashed windows of the building and landed helicopters on the roof.

A private memorial to Delhi was held Monday in the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver, where hundreds of devout Catholics were commemorated. An additional 1,400 people viewed the service online.

On Tuesday, Officer Dolly’s direct supervisor was Sarget. Adrian Trells recalled him as a talented employee who was always ready to learn new skills “with an incredible sense of humor”. He joked that he had recently reprimanded the officer, saying he was only “allowed to call me shift 10 times”. He recalled a tragic trip to the Daly family home on March 22 to tell them about Eric’s death.

“It was the longest, most emotional, car ride of my life,” Trells said. “I don’t know how I’m going to comfort Leah and the kids. But when we got there, Eric’s kids jumped up and started making phone calls, and instead they comforted me.”

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