Essential workers in Ottawa are ready for vaccination

OTTAWA – COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the capital. The city’s top doctor has warned the curve has worsened since moving to the red zone. According to some medical experts, this is an infection within the COVID-19 epidemic.

“This is not a new epidemic, but a new epidemic within the existing epidemic. The face of the disease has changed and the crisis within hospitals is of a different, more urgent nature,” said epidemiologist Dr Revat Dionanthan.

Dionanthan says the new variant that runs around the capital is very pervasive, often targeting younger people and often spreading to workplaces.

“The change in the target statistics of the virus is very blatant. The younger the victims, the harder time they will have when they become infected,” Dionanthan said.

Mary-Jose Marlio is well aware of the spread of the virus. The Grade 4 teacher has been seen infecting students and teachers in schools across the city, including his own school.

“I’m worried about bringing it to my boys. I have an 18 – month – old and a four – year – old who will take care of the children if my husband and I get it,” Marlio said.

Marlio says he wants to be in the classroom and supports his school staff throughout the epidemic, but he still worries about the dangers of spreading variations.

“Schools need to be open, children need an education, for which I am all there, but we are at the forefront, so why not vaccinate us,” he asked.

The authors, along with other essential workers in Ontario, are part of the second phase of vaccine preparation. Phase 2, which begins in April, aims to vaccinate essential workers by July.

In a statement, Solicitor General’s spokesman told CTV News that Dr Homer Dean, chairman and CEO of Arng Air Ambulance, will take over from retired General Rick Hillier. At the operational front of the COVID-19 Distribution Task Force, “As part of Phase 2, the province will vaccinate leading workers.”

No schedule has been provided, but Dr. Dionanthan says it will be better soon.

“The new types are very contagious, so the stocks are very high. So we will not only protect the essential workers, but also their families,” he said.

A concern shared not only by the authors, but also by those who were declared heroes of epidemics a year ago: grocery writers.

“We are risking our lives in some way. I think we should make it a priority, even if we are protected as much as possible,” said Costco cashier Dave Rose.

According to Dr. Dionanthan, vaccinating those in the front row is one of the most important ways to deal with the Ontario epidemic.

“This very important tool should be given as a vaccine tool to people who are not provided with the tools to defend themselves and are not far off.”

Sophia Harrison

Part time worker

I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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