December 9, 2022

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Eunice Storm: A captivating video of planes trying to land in London

Hundreds of flights have been canceled across the country. But not at all.

Younis There is a field day. The StormThe exception was announced, Sweep The UK With its impressive air. One of them was “flashed” at 196 km / h at the Isle of Wight, i.e. one Registration Complete in the UK.

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Eunice Hurricane: 196 km / h winds hit UK record high

Live from the airport

But if the country faces “In danger of death” Step ‘Red alert Given Meteorological Office (UK National Weather Service), some are braver than others. Among them, aviators.

In fact, if hundreds of flights across the country had been canceled, this would not have been necessary LondonThe planes land on the same file on the runway of Heathrow Airport.

Big Jet TV YouTube Channel Connected live from the airport to bring this spectacular show to life, followed by – hold tight – sometimes over 200,000! I have to say that the man with the comments is especially nice. One who does not hesitate to give proud encouragement to pilots in the face of these adverse conditions. If you understand English, you will be happy! Look again and again without restraint.

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