June 7, 2023

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Exceptional deportation of Moroccan immigrants from Algeria via land border

Forty Moroccan migrants were deported from Algeria to Morocco via the land border between two neighboring countries on Tuesday, September 28. Closed since 1994, the AFP has learned from a Moroccan charity on this occasion.

Algerian authorities have handed over about 40 migrants to their Moroccan counterparts.Hassan Ammari, president of the Association for Immigration in Vulnerable Circumstances (AEMSV), told AFP that the evacuees were taken back to their respective cities by bus by Moroccan authorities, who had been clever in their response to the AEMSV’s attempt to repatriate seven Moroccan immigrants to Algerian authorities.But surprisingly, the number of evictees was about 40 people“, According to the same source.

Discharge amid tensions

The exceptional opening of the land border between Morocco and Algeria, which has been closed since 1994, in the context of the crisis between the two neighbors, led to Algiers severing its diplomatic relations with Rabat on 24 August.Hostile activities“Morocco, for its part, regrets this decision.”Unfair“Rejection of severance of bilateral relations”False, absurd, excuses are the basis for it.

The Mediterranean coast of the Serbian Kingdom is one of the main destinations for expatriates seeking to enter Spain, but “Some of the boats, lost, were stranded off the coast of Algeria, Said Hassan Ammari. This human rights activist spoke about the case of Moroccan immigrants. “He was arrested on Algerian soil while trying to cross into Europe from Tunisia or Libya.

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Relations between the two neighboring and rival Maghreb countries have traditionally been strained, especially in the thorny issue of the Western Sahara, which has worsened in recent weeks. Algeria announced closure last Thursday. “ImmediatelyFrom its airspace to all Moroccan civil and military aircraft and aircraft registered in Morocco. On Tuesday, the Algerian military chief severely attacked Morocco and accused it of building the kingdom.PlotsAgainst Algeria. At the end of July, King Mohammed VI “Tensions“With Algeria, Algerian President Abdelmadzit calls on Debouin”Wisdom must prevail“And”Work together to develop relationshipsBetween the two countries.