Expands food service motivation with 7-Eleven double-restaurant store

Convenience-Store Retailer 7-Eleven Inc. Manasas has expanded its food service presence with a new store in W., covering two restaurant brands.

The new “Evolution Store” also houses the second store of 7-Levine Rice the Roast Chicken and Biscuit Restaurant, and Parlor Pizza, which appears to be the first location of the new concept, offers hand-thrown pizza

It is not immediately clear whether the concept of the new parlor pizza was created locally or by a licensed brand.

Texas-based Irving is one of eight evolutionary stores that the company describes as an “experimental testing ground” where customers can try to buy the retailer’s latest inventions in the form of a pioneer store. “

In addition to the Manassas location, 7-Eleven North Texas, New York City, San Diego and Washington, D.C. All Evolution stores also include a restaurant concept, although the new Manasas location is the first store to run two restaurant concepts.

Chris Tango, CEO of 7-Eleven, said the company plans to open “nearly 150” restaurants this year.

“Today’s opportunity lies in the QSR space, and we respond by actively occupying our restaurants across the country – evolution stores and beyond,” he said.

Roose the Roost, a 7-Eleven debut at the New York City Evolution Store in 2020, features boneless wings tossed with “southern spices, freshly baked biscuits, bone” homemade sauces, chicken sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. Offers in-store restaurant, order and grab-and-go options.


7-Eleven launched Rise the Roost in 2020 at its New York City evolution store.

Parlor Pizza describes its menu as New York style pizzas, calzones, garlic knots, pepperoni rolls and hot and cold side sandwiches. Customers can choose from baked whole pizzas or pies or choose 18-inch, hand-thrown pizzas featuring premium toppings and ingredients.

The pizza and other baked goods in the parlor are cooked in a conveyor style oven to provide quick service, the company said.

The two onsite restaurants are located side by side in the store, with separate order counters and shared indoor and outdoor seating.

7-Eleven has been focusing on its own restaurant brands since Texas-based Laredo Taco Company acquired the food service concept in 2018 as part of its acquisition of C-Store retailer Stripes. Stripes introduced Laredo Taco in 2006 as a proprietary brand offering freshly made Mexican food and expanded it to hundreds of locations. Stripes currently has 415 restaurants in more than 645 locations, primarily Loreto Daco outlets.

7-Eleven first opened in Dallas in 2019, describing the restaurant brand as a “lab store.” It has opened Loreto Taco outlets in a number of stores, including several evolutionary store locations. The C-Store chain opened earlier this year First Drive-Through Loreto Taco Company Outlet At the 7-Eleven Evolution Store in Dallas.

The company also said that the new Manasseh Evolution Store 7-Eleven was the first evolution store to serve as a real-world testing ground for the “Chips and Snacks” project for emerging brands. Packaged-Food Startups has been submitting their products for rating by 7-Eleven owners and company staff since 2018, where they vote on their favorites. The winners, who include products from Goya, Perfect Bar, Roar, Pitchin Sauce and Mush, are featured on store shelves.

Other features of the Evolution Store concept include a wine cellar and beer cooler, fresh baked on-site croissants and cookies, customized espresso drinks and craft sodas and colorful water.

7-Eleven operates, owns and licenses more than 73,000 stores in 16 countries and regions, including 12,000 in North America.

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