Ferret enters the supermarket the moment shopkeepers try to catch it in the basket

Shocked shoppers had to pick up twice after Ferret went fast through a supermarket and caused chaos in the milk aisle.

After 9.30pm on Tuesday (April 6), the animal leaned under the milk refrigerators and meat section at the Premier store in Gilmours, Ayrshire.

In the clip, the brown and black tiles cross the tiles, while a Cope-Smack shopper films the incident on their phone.

Embracing the refrigerator on the side of the aisle, the “frightened” animal advances quickly through the supermarket.

The bizarre encounter at the Main Street store was filmed on camera before the horrific Ferret was caught with shopping baskets by shopkeepers shocked by the shell, Daily registration Reports.

Ferret ran through the supermarket

Rebecca Nimmo of Stewart, who filmed Ferret, thinks the pet went missing three weeks ago.

But it is understood the animal is now reunited with its owner.

He said: “I was shocked because it ran inside.

“We caught it under a basket and then waited for someone to come and get it.

“The owner has it back, and she came in after someone collected it.

Ferret Paul is charged below the aisle
Ferret Paul is charged below the aisle

“Yeah, I would say it’s very friendly. I was scared that I think.”

It is not clear how long Gritter survived on the streets before it was rescued, but, fortunately, it was very healthy before it was rescued.

Ferrets are bred poles that are initially bred to hunt rabbit holes and keep rodents out of granaries.

They are said to be intelligent but fragrant pets that can live up to 15 years.

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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